can't play construct anymore!!!

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  • it says I ran out of video memory and I can't run the game...some people suggested to not use as many textures or to use smaller ones....the only problem it is important to have the many larger textures because it's a huge part of the game.

    Do you guys have any suggestions like loading screens or databases or making some plugin so it can handle the video memory. It's only a 5 minute video game so I think it should be possible.

  • If you put most of your images on another layout the texture will only be loaded when you create an object. Unloading occurs when switching layouts or using the unload textures system action, just as long as there is no created sprites that are using it.

    Another thing to consider is any open layouts in the editor use video memory. You could try closing them before running a preview. Yet another thing that could happen is previous previews didn't close correctly so you'll see temp.exe, temp2.exe... Etc in the task manager. Ending those tasks will free the vram they're using.

  • How do you access images from another layout? For example if I have layout 1 and I put an image of a ball in layout 2... how do I access the image of the ball from layout 2 to layout 1? do I create objects from another layout?Unless I am probably not understanding it right...

  • Yeah, you'd create the object from the other layout to load the texture into vram. By default only the textures of the objects on the current layout are loaded.

  • I'm not sure how to load the texture in to vram....after I create the object in the other layout...then what do I do?

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  • Just create an object on the current running layout and the texture will load automatically if it hasn't already

  • do you think you can make a quick example so I can see it?...sorry I can't visualize this for some reason...or maybe I'm thinking too much...

  • I can describe how to make an example.

    Create a new project

    Add a second layout

    In the first layout create a Sprite

    In the second layout create a different Sprite.

    Run the first layout. Only the first sprite's texture is loaded.

    Add an event to the first layout that creates the second Sprite at the start of the layout.

    Run the first layout. Now since the second Sprite was created its texture is now loaded too.

  • +rep to R0J0hound for his example ^_^

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