bug in construct...what should I do?

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  • it said" unreferenced texture please report this bug" ... I can't remember the rest...sorry.... now I have problems because my main character doesn't show up when I start the game...my main character is not invisible and it is at the front.

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  • Since Construct classic isn't being developed anymore the most you can do is work around it.

    In all the time I've used Construct I've never encountered that error, so it's likely rare.


    Re-opening construct.


    If it happens a lot you'll have to identify a cause and then change your project to not do that.

    My only shot in the dark idea for the cause could be you've run out of video memory. If you use a lot of big images it can be easy to do since the editor needs video memory and when you run the game it also needs video memory. But it's just a guess.

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