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  • I've been looking for documentation on this object for quite some time now... it's not even listed in the construct wiki... nor have i been able to find tutorials for it.... I've tried messing with it for a couple of days trying to figure it out... i have had no luck what so ever. i am unable to even load a model.

    under model path i type "F:/"model name".obj"

    however this does nothing. nothing shows up in the layout editor or in the preview when i run it.

    before i used to make my models, render images of them, shrink the images, and load them into construct as sprites... this is a lot of work!!! so when i found out that the new version of construct had the capability of directly importing my models, i was so happy. i thought it would save me a lot of time, and i still do think it will save me time. so if anyone could help me use this new feature i would really appreciate it.

  • no i did not use quotes... i have tried with and without textures as well as other file types such as .3ds which i read were marked compatible.

  • i have the same problem, when I load the model it's fine, but when I apply a texture, it is not applied correctly, (it could be some fault from my side since I don't not much about 3d and textures)

  • Lets ask Davo to add it to the resource folder.

    Also you might try saving the cap to a folder where the model is and then use appath.

  • 1. my problem is not with the textures, it is that it wont load into construct.

    2. using appath does not help but thanks any ways.

    3. is there anyway to upload a .cap to this topic so i can show you EXACTLY what i am doing?

    4. it does not seem to matter how i type in the file path i still get the same result.

  • I am having the same problem as the OP.

    The model won't even show up in the editor let alone runtime.

    Path= C:\test.obj


    Version 99.92 still...


  • good to see I'm not the only one with this problem.... could this be a bug in construct or is it just user error? the more i look into this makes me think it's a bug or something. then again it might just be the computer..... its very unlikely though as my machine has NEVER had any problems with 3d graphics before now...

    my specs are below if any one is interested

    processor= intel celeron 2.6GHz

    ram= 2.43 GB ddr2

    graphics chip= VIA Chrome 9 hc igp family

    my comp is an 2003 Emachine. but i just replaced the motherboard a little over a year ago... as a result all the components are new except for the processor. the graphics card if you haven't guessed already is built in to the motherboard. besides speed issues(it can be really slow sometimes) the only problem it has given me is that it sometimes over heats and crashes when i play a graphic intensive game at a high resolution.... (i fixed this problem by pointing a fan at it so this does not do this anymore) is it possible that it is a glitch in the graphics chip or something? but then again if that were the case then the 3d box plugin would not work (which it does).

    this is getting kind of annoying

  • Is the model high poly? I think it refuses objects with too high poly count.

  • Is the model high poly? I think it refuses objects with too high poly count.

    37 faces?

    VERY basic google sketchup model.

    I tried obj and 3ds formats as well, no luck.

    Here is the model if anyone else wants to try?



  • no it is low poly.... probably less than 37 faces..... the model im testing it on is just a plain sphere.

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  • Fixed it.

    Turns out the model was like 5000x too big... it was there but you couldn't see it because it was freaking gigantic.

    Thanks again Shviller.

    Anyone else may be having the same issue.

    Drop the scale down (I ended up at 0.005 to make it fit on screen) and apply a texture to the face, any texture. Then it should work.



    you are a genius! ... why didn't i think of this... i actually only thought of making it bigger


    you are a genius! ... why didn't i think of this... i actually only thought of making it bigger

    Cool at least it works.

    Seems that sketchup's scale is enormous. I had to make the model super tiny after I made it and it was still 500x too big.

    Now to figure out how to texture the damn thing... not sure if a UV wrap will work or not? Also sketchup doesn't seem to support UV exporting anyway, so I will need another 3d package to make a UV wrap and test it out.

    If anyone else already knows or figures it out first please post results here.


  • [quote:a2lbuzux] not sure if a UV wrap will work or not?

    UV wrap works from 3D Studio Max with the obj format. I haven't tried any other 3d programs or file formats though.

  • every thing should work fine..... i have gotten it to work with .obj exported from maya so i don't think the program matters.

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