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  • OK great thanks. I will just need to find a program I can use to simply create a UV wrap. Pretty sure Zbrush allows this, I might have to have a play around.


  • I don't understand the 3D Object as it works presently. I assume I'm either missing some extra data structure (such as brainpower), or it's just broken/incomplete...?

    <img src="http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/2993/65331594.jpg">

    edit: Okay, cool. I can set the three rotational values using events at runtime. But I can't set depth, so everything gets squashed still. How do I get it to read depth as I've set it in the editor, or otherwise set the depth value using an event?...

    edit2: Wow, yeah, okay, I found it. Maybe I should learn how to read. However, it all still looks like this... which is sad because they look fine in the viewport. I wonder what I'm still missing.

    My best guess is that it can't sort properly since I just brought in an obj with tons of objects stacked in front of each other, but that doesn't make much sense - it looks right in the editor.

    <img src="http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/7281/68399323.jpg">

    What it really looks like to me is that the viewer is displaying faces with normals facing one way in the editor, and the other direction when you look at it in runtime. But it also draws geometry that would be "backfacing" if there isn't anything else there. So you get this really mixed result... who knows why. But anyway, the results runtime look weirded out, and are inconsistent with the editor viewport, where stuff looks good.

    I tried flipping the normals on my model, but apparently that data is ignored by Construct because even with a model featuring a correct skull and an inverted skull, they both appeared "correct" in the editor, magically, and then still messed up at runtime. So I'm guessing you've just forced a certain facing, or something. It looks good enough to work with in the editor... if only this were the consistent result.

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  • Not exactly sure what's happening. Is the 3D layering options checked in the layer properties? There's also an option in the project properties called 3D eye distance or something. Make sure that number isn't really low.

  • 3D Layering in the Layer Properties fixed it! Thanks a lot UberLou. I really appreciate it, man. Didn't even know those two settings existed, but I guess I didn't really know to look for them.

    Maybe someone should make a page in the documentation for how 3D Objects in Construct work... I'm tempted, but it'd probably be more interesting if someone who knew exactly what the interpreter is doing to create the effect wrote the the documentation.

  • i have been trying the 3D object for some time now and i have great results

    my first try worked but i had to scale it down to 0.002 to see it normally

    and i put a simple color on it and it looked really ugly and flat because it had no lighting

    my model is a 3Ds file by the way

    so i made a other model of a security camera(well part of it ), unwrapped it and created a(not so good) texture and used a "ambient occlusion map" you can also call it "texture baking" to bake the lighting into the unwrapped texture and that i put in construct with great results

    even without realtime lighting it looks really good

    <img src="http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/2115/3dobjecttest.png">

    By spearfire at 2010-11-11

    i made it so you can rotate the object left and right so its almost a 3D model viewer

    if some of you want i can (probably) make a tutorial on getting the model and texture in construct

    i think with texture baking for lighting and shadows you can create great scenes in construct for your 3D(2.5D) games or apps even when construct is not really made for 3D

    oh and a question:

    is it possible to load a texture or model in runtime??

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