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  • It is now possible to make extensions for construct with "Visual C++ Express." The main roadblock was that vc express does not come with the ATL files that are required by the construct SDK. That's no longer a problem since Microsoft included ATL 7.1 with their Windows driver kit completely free.

    EDIT: I can also build the mfc template from the SDK

  • maybe this should be moved or duplicated to the Construct Discussion forum as well

    I think there's alot of people who wanted this, but probably don't check construct engineering much since they couldn't really contribute much here without a nonexpress vc

  • Holy crap awesome!

    ...but the WDK is 610mb

  • I see you Shviller with

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  • Thanks for the find, this should be useful for those wanting to use the SDK with Express editions!

    Are you sure there's no separate ATL download or do you really need the whole WDK?

  • Anyone who downloads it, any chance you could PM me only the necessary files? Probably isn't completely within the Micro$oft �ula, but the hell if I'm downloading over half a gig that mostly consists of stuff I don't need on this connection.

  • Don't forget in some countries if you're in school/college/university you can get VS2008 Pro for free via!

  • Yeah, I looked into it, it'd be too much hassle especially considering that the express edition is more than sufficient except for that missing ATL

  • Awesomeness!!! finally!

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  • Downloading the new Express right now!!

  • Just noticed you have to burn it to dvd... kinda sucks.

    So anyone want to confirm that it has everything, and works for making plugs?

  • Just noticed you have to burn it to dvd...

    You can extract the files using winrar which handles .iso as regular archives

  • Use PowerISO or similar to setup a virtual drive. Should work fine like that too.

  • You could also try demon tools for turning an image in to a virtual DVD.

  • I have just downloaded vs 2008 c++ express edition and was able to compile the Template.csx plugin

    It works...

    Here are my steps

    Install visual studio

    Install DDK - I have instaled this to c:\WinDDK

    download plugin sdk

    Open the visual studio vc9 solution for the tempate plugin

    Now in the Project -> Template SDK properties

    set Configuration: to All Configurations

    add "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\inc\atl71"

    and "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\inc\mfc42" to the c++ -> general -> additional include directories

    The order of the above is important... atl71 needs to be first

    add "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\inc\mfc42" to the resource->general-> additional include directories

    Configuration - general -Use of MFC: use MFC in a shared dll

    "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\lib\ATL\i386" to the linker->general->additional link libraries

    batch build: release win32 and runtime win32

    goto ../../IDE and copy the plugins folder to your construct plugins and the Template plugin is ready for a test run.

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