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  • You could also try demon tools for turning an image in to a virtual DVD.

    I believe it's Daemon Tools

    I think Demon Tools is used for turning an image into a centerpiece for a satanic ritual

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  • Daemon tools is nice... but there are so many crapware links on their page.

    winrar is able to extract iso files to folders as if they were zip archives

    • winrar

    The trial works forever - and if you really like it you have the freedom to buy it

  • I have just downloaded vs 2008 c++ express edition and was able to compile the Template.csx plugin

    It works...

    Thanks for the instructions! I just followed what you did and I have a successful template plugin.


  • Nice We'll still get rid of MFC/ATL from the SDK in Construct 2, so you won't need the DDK download, but it's cool this works now!

  • Can anyone post the required files for me? I can't possibly download 600mb on 256kb/s.



  • Which file?

    In this forum you cant upload a 600 MB file. It is too big or not possible.

    In other filehoster you can upload only 100 MB or more, but the speed is slow.

  • I have just downloaded vs 2008 c++ express edition and was able to compile the Template.csx plugin

    It works...

    Here are my steps

    Install visual studio

    Install DDK - I have instaled this to c:\WinDDK

    download plugin sdk

    Open the visual studio vc9 solution for the tempate plugin

    Now in the Project -> Template SDK properties

    set Configuration: to All Configurations

    add "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\inc\atl71"

    and "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\inc\mfc42" to the c++ -> general -> additional include directories

    The order of the above is important... atl71 needs to be first

    add "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\inc\mfc42" to the resource->general-> additional include directories

    Configuration - general -Use of MFC: use MFC in a shared dll

    "C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.0\lib\ATL\i386" to the linker->general->additional link libraries

    batch build: release win32 and runtime win32

    goto ../../IDE and copy the plugins folder to your construct plugins and the Template plugin is ready for a test run.

    This needs to be wikified.

    Also, if you have Construct in the program folders, you need to run the compiler with admin permissions so it can write there. And if you registered VS9 Express as a normal user, it'll ask for registration AGAIN when run as an admin. Whee!!! (solution: install Construct as a dev copy in a user folder)

    This means that yes, I got it to compile.

  • But you can't use Express for commerical products.

  • Thats only if you are going to sell your plugin. Your perfectly able to give it away.

  • But you can't use Express for commerical products.

    You can use Visual Studio Express for commercial products.

    You cant use the Visual Studio Pro (by Dreamspark) for commercial products.

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