1 year anniversary!

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  • Hey everyone,

    It's officially 1 year since Construct went open-source and released Construct 0.8! It was actually on Monday, the 27th, but I've been mad busy.

    I think it's interesting to pause and reflect on where we've taken Construct this past year. 0.8 was pretty terrible to be honest, especially considering we've closed 334 bug entries since then (and that's only ones on the tracker!), it might've been better to call it 0.4! Still, I feel like we've come a long, long way since then - and Construct is ever nearer our goal of being a tool for building commercial quality 2D games. I'm very proud of it, and I'm sure the other guys are too!

    0.8 was downloaded a modest 66 times, and since then we've had over 50,000 downloads (one build reaching over 16,000 alone - I wish download sites would update more often

    Here's to the future!

  • I can only begin to imagine what the next year will bring. Congratulations!

  • Another congratulations! Construct has really come far!

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  • Cheers Ashley and dev team. It's been awesome being part of Construct. Great work, great program!

  • Indeed, you did come a long way with Construct. Thanks for your work and here's for even better engine.


  • Absolutely amazing how far you guys have come.

    Hopefully this time next year, there will be customisable controls.

  • I am totally new to this, but its awesome. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Happy birthday construct! a truly amazing product

    I think one of the best parts about construct (at least in beta) is that other people's ideas and suggestions can actually become part of the program should the devs deem it worthy!

    Another great thing is the quick response of the devs

    thanks guys

  • Congrats on the anniversary, you guys are doing some awesome work here. Construct has come a long way.

    I just realized the other day I've also been using Construct almost a whole year now. I think 0.83 was my first version. Damn, time flies. And it's looking like my first finished Construct game will come in time for my personal one year anniversary

  • Wow, a year already?!? Damn, it's gone quick. I can remember the first version I downloaded was 0.83 I think. It's come a long way since then.

  • Congratulations team Scirra

  • A year may seem like a long time development wise, but I'd say we've done pretty well to do what we have in a year .

    Consider that in the early days there were bugs like 'preview doesn't work' or 'start of layout doesn't trigger', etc.

    It has been a quick year though.. time really flies.

  • Wow 1 year, wow. I have been with you guys since 0.85 a lot of bugs damn... but now its almost completed, very close to 1.0!

    So anyway

    Cheers Gentleman

    and let Construct be one of the greatest tools for game creating.

    <img src="http://www.cardsunlimited.com/largeimage/Champagne.jpg">

  • Ridiculously good work chaps. The amount of bugs has gone down significantly and its now almost completely useable. I'm still a bit cautious, but the experience is lovely

    Thumbs up. I am very excited to see more updates.

  • Congratulations!

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