1 year anniversary!

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  • *stands up tapping my glass with the fork*

    First of all i want to say congratulations to Construct. Since construct can't really hear me (I'll play with him later. That's the only language he's able to understand) I want to say congratulations to the Scirra team. You are truly amazing.

    **here comes a little nostalgic flashback moment**

    I remember when i first heard of construct. It was a thread in the boards of The Daily Klick (that topic seems to be deleted now). There where a lot of rumors going around about this project. Some people said it would take the place of mmf. Some said it would never get anywhere. Some people didn't even think it existed. But someone posted the link, and so i entered the world of scirra for the first time! I registered at Wed Nov 14, 2007 as user no. 89 (the 80's where good people! Sure deadeye ). The first version i used, version 0.83, was as buggy as the games i created with it, but through that mess of bugs and crashes i could see the incredible potential shine through. Back then it was about five members writing in the forum. It was also hard to get new people, most of my friends that i showed the program to got scared away by all the bugs. Now the forum has 441 members, and new people pop in all the time!

    **Nostalgic flashback moment ends here**

    Following this project has been wonderful! Everyone with an idea has been listened too, and I'm proud of having contributed with bug reports and ideas (it feels great when i show this to someone, and i point at the search bar in the "new action window" saying "That was my idea!")

    Now i want to give a special thanks to Ashley. What's most impressive about you is your ability to always be the better person. The way you handle the flame wars between this forum and the daily klick boards, the way you acted when a perfect duplicate of your Ghost shooter demo was posted on TDC. It really makes me feel like I've chosen the good side! (sorry Ash, i know you don't like to split us up in two groups). With more of your attitude it feels like uniting the Klickers and the Constructors to one big creative community is going to go smoothly!

    Of course i also want to thank everyone at the scirra team for your incredible work! There's not many places where you post a bug report, and sometimes get the reply "Fixed in the next build". I don't know how you guys manage to do this, you have to be working your ass of all the time, but it's really REALLY appreciated!

    The future looks brighter then ever! May construct live forever!

    *gives a toast to scirra and sits down*

  • Glad to hear that you're consequently going to reach v1.00 still after over one year of Construct development.

  • Hey congrats guys! I found Construct through a neogaf post a few months ago. I had my doubts since I'm a big fan of GameMaker, but after a few tests I decided to stick with Construct and haven't looked back. Thanks for all the hard work.


    and now for my obligatory birthday image:

    <img src="http://iputatextonimage.com/wp-content/omg-it-spins.jpg">


  • ... What an awesome birthday present. Well, a bit late, my birthday was October 23, but still, darn close.

  • YEAH ! happy birthday !

    And thanks to the scirra team to make construct better !

    I hope all is well for you Ash !

  • Sol that picture is awesome!

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  • Sol that picture is awesome!

    Hahahah yeah the scary thing is that he kinda looks like me... that is if I were to contort my face in a similar manner


  • Hahahah yeah the scary thing is that he kinda looks like me...

    I thought it might've actually been you for a bit... hehe...

  • > Hahahah yeah the scary thing is that he kinda looks like me...


    I thought it might've actually been you for a bit... hehe...

    I can only possibly get THAT excited when I think of you Ash


  • im so glad i found this program, i didnt even believe it could be free first time i saw it,

    Great job guys this is my favourite OS program to date

    one thing tho, i find the home page of this site doesnt show how good construct is, at first glance i thought it was one of those URL holding sites, PUT SOME PICTURZ!!!!


    <img src="http://www.lolcats.com/images/u/07/46/lolcatsdotcomy35fnf51v5g4dqyl.jpg">

  • I lol'd IRL xD

    And, apparently... I am a fashion now?


  • lol

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