When will this thing actually be useable?

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  • Hi! I've made up plans for a big game for like a year now, and was just about to start making it on mmf when i found construct. I started thinking about making the game in consruct, and soon i decided to wait for 1.0 and start making it then.

    But when will 1.0 be out? Is it worth the wait? Will this program ever reach 1.0? And if it does, about when ?

  • In just over two months we've gone from 0.8 to 0.89, as you can see here - so, assuming we keep up the same rate of release, some time in March we should arrive at 1.0. However, we still have a lot of documentation to do, so I'm guessing it might take a little longer.

    0.89 is approaching a good level of stability. Why don't you try it out and post your feedback here? What is lacking most, and what is the biggest preventer of you making your big game? Feedback like yours is what we need to drive Construct to be what you want it to be...

  • What prevents me from making my game is the fear of having to redo everything. Everytime i've started on a game the gamefile has been corrupted, and i have to redo some things. I don't know what's going to happend, but something will happend.

    Well, I can start making some engines, and building the game part for part.

  • What happens when you think the game file is corrupted? I think it's rare the actual .cap file gets saved wrong, that code is pretty reliable - you're probably seeing UI bugs or other problems that need to be reported. If you sent a .cap to me that does this, then I may be able to fix it.

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  • You MUST save each new version of your game seperately. Each time i save i increment the version of my game, this way if something gets corrupt, you don't lose much.

    This shouldn't stop you from using construct. Its not too buggy now, just a couple of things need fixing.

    And rest assured that ashley will fix it within a version. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />

  • Ok, here's some things i miss.

    "On impact" in the physics, and "Impact force=X"

    Physics objects that can be controlled with the mouse or like a plattformer. Maybe just be able to select mouse, or plattform movement, and then Physics movement, and it would combine the two.

    Collision mask: None.

    Edit: Set object immovable

    Edit 2: Is there a way to create chains with the current physics engine? I would really have use for a simple chain without collisions. I'll make a guy with a pony tail that can blow around in the wind (allways, force=X or less: ad force Y)

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