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  • (Moderators, please move this post to the correct forum. I just didn't know, where the right place is. Thank you!)

    To whom it interests, and just so that those who know me aren't wondering (and it's easier to write it once instead of many pm):

    I'm in failing health for quite some time now and I have to change a few things in my life. I hesitated a lot regarding this forum. But now is the right time.

    "The way things are going, eventually these forums will fall silent and we'll probably see fit to discontinue Classic completely."

    It was this sentence that I needed, because CC was the only reason for me to be active here.

    If there is a free software, I'm willing to take all quirks, issues, bugs. And I did for years. From a paid software on the other hand I expect a lot more. In particular I'm not willing to pay for features that may come somewhere in the future.

    Now that I need to find a paid alternative to the free game creator Construct Classic, I don't feel C2 is the right successor (at least yet). There are other commercial and free alternatives that offer a more complete feature set and aren't depending so much on just one web technology. I'd be glad if I'll find out that I'm wrong, because both, the developer and the community of Scirra are the best I've ever met. What I found here is one of the highest social intelligence of all web coms - a real treasure!

    However, I need to cut down a lot, and with Classic declared dead I can now overcome my almost pathological loyalty. I try to be less active on the forums from now on, in particular the help forum and I give up my commitment for Classic. I repeat, to avoid misunderstandings, Classic being dead is just the hook I needed to let go and concentrate on myself in the endeavor to recover.

    I'm currently thinking about making some of my projects open source (but my projects, while not intended for helping others, are a real mess, and I'm probably the only one who understands the interrelations between the events <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ). If I do so, you'll find posts of that matter in the "Your tutorials & example files"-forum

    And please don't wonder: I had to write this down and make it public, because I know myself. Without it, I would soon fall back to my old behavior of investing so much time in helping others instead of myself. I can't afford that anymore.

    Thank you for reading <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Well, tulamide, Verve! is still a go-to for advanced Construct Classic features that I like to consult (and am still learning from!). So I definitely gotta thank you for that and all past help.

  • I hear ya. I've had the same conclusion, however I still find C2 useful if at least for the puzzle of figuring out game mechanics.

    You should pop into irc sometime. Arsonide has taken on the task of making CC's phoenix. A huge undertaking obviously, but it should be interesting to see its development. Perhaps you could could even collaborate on that.

    Sorry to hear about your health as well.

    I am having issues as well, and am trying to come to terms with the possibility of having a heart transplant.

    It seams the meaning of life is only revealed when they start to take it away from you.

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  • Thanks for all the help, Tulamide. You've been invaluable to the construct community and always helped with everyone's projects as if they were your own. Hope everything works out, for you as well Newt.

  • Sorry to hear about your health (and Newt). You've been an active member round hear for years now, so it would be sad to see you leave. It's a shame C2 doesn't satisfy you yet, but I hope one day it does, once we finally add all the features we keep saying we'll add!

  • A deep heart-felt thank you for all the help over the years. and best wishes on your future pursuits, and health.


    In total honesty I've been struggling with the same issues as far as construct is concerned.

    Looks like I'm fallowing your lead.

    I'll probably be leaving soon for similar reasons, just got to finish packing my things.

  • Take care! You've been such an incredibly helpful member of this community, and like Tokinsom said, provided such helpful .caps to everyone with questions.

  • Yeah, I like C2 but the biggest drop back is the lack of OS specific support. Web browsing is not the future and reality just yet...

  • Hey, I spend a lot of time lurking on these forums but I thought I'd post just to say thanks. You've been one of the most prolific and helpful posters on here and your replies to both myself and many others have really helped me wrap my head around construct. All the best with your health, hope you can get it back on track.

  • Thanks for all your help Tulamide. You will be greatly missed. I hope your health gets better.

  • these days i dont have much time to visit here, since im so busy with my ministudio, work and friends, but i still use CC regularly and i intend to finish my most important games, and i also visit the forums nearly daily to see whats up (though briefly,mostly).

    that said, i felt the need to join this thread and pay my respects for tulamide (and for all the helpful, kind individuals around here).

    thank you for helping me on many occasions, directly and indirectly, tulamide! you have left a goldmine of hints, tips, tutorials and .caps

    and im sure people who still want to use CC will find them extremely useful in the future.i know i will.

    i wish you all the best!

    <img src="smileys/smiley41.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS. They shant remove construct Classic, it's far better than c2.

  • tulamide: all my wishes of best recovery.

  • I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS. They shant remove construct Classic, it's far better than c2.

    I think it's a little sad that CC is buried within the Scirra site. While it makes sense from a business perspective, it rapidly shrinks the pool of knowledgeable CC users. Who aren't really a priority to begin with!

  • Sad to hear this. But good luck wherever you move on to.

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