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  • Sad to hear this Tulamide,I have learnt much from your informative posts and caps....And I wish you well ,I think Scirra leaving Construct classic in a dusty corner somewhere,could be a big mistake,as I ,and sure many others discovered C2 via classic,I think classic being free ,instantly gives a loyalty factor and now I have a personal licence for C2....enough said methinks...

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  • Sad to hear about your health Tulamide (and your news Newt about heart problems). You have to take care of yourself first. It has been great working with you on Python and network stuff and plugins and help questions over the last couple years. You have contributed incredibly to this community and helped lots of folks including myself. I kinda took the move to C2 as a chance for a break as well from coding plugins. Although I still hold out a bit of hope I'll release an upgrade to the Network plugin sometime in the near future. Best wishes to you!!

  • I never doubt who is Tulamide, i joined this forum when C2 doesn't exist, i looked examples from Tulamide was great, so i know your feeling, i hope you should take a good care and rest!

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