Do You Want To Redesign Our Site?

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  • that is adorable!


    I made a basic design at the link above if anyone's interested. Does it look good? Should I continue and add content?

    Oh, Aritz, hope you don't mind that I used your logo

  • I like it.

  • Hi,

    Wasn't sure where to put this, but thought it would fit in here, it's a dock icon I designed for Construct for myself, as the original version didn't size well ( pixellation ).

    <img src="">

    I had originally designed it to fit on the side, as a 'C', but after mockups, I preferred the downward direction, kind of reminded me of the old idea ( light bulb ) visual gag.

    I have included both the .png and the original Illustrator file ( CS4 ) should anyone want to also utilise the icon ( or edit it to better suit their tastes ).


  • Uh I haven't offered because you guys said *static* from the start but...

    my undergrad thesis is a CMS and it'll be opensourced once it's done

    It's really small and can grow up to accomodate a lot of uses such as forums or wikis and such.

    I still have lots of work to do on it though. I'm supposed to deliver it by July. Emphasis on simplicity, expandability and flexibility.

  • click to open large version


  • 9.5/10 for effort and abuse of pink.

  • And whatever happens now in terms of the sites design, please don't change the forums at all. it has way too much useful information by now and it serves everyone as a tool to learn Construct. I've seen stuff like that (Site Redesign, Forum flush and refresh) way too many times and it'd be super disappointing not having access to that info anymore.

    Just in case... Don't even think about using new forum software, that always ends in tears and outbursts.

  • Well they've already changed forum software once before and no old threads were lost. And the only person to complain about losing the old theme was me, so I recreated the original forum's Czar Green theme.

    If you want to see what the forums used to look like, try that theme (it's the best theme)

  • Pink Forum design equals win.

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  • OH LOL! xD

    I think we have a winner folks


  • Hey everyone, I hope I haven't missed the boat

    Anyway, I've had a crack at designing the site - a very quick mockup - I thought I may as well post it as is so that I can get some critique and feedback to keep in mind as I continue designing it.

    Click here (1920x1200px, 184kb)

    It's still very much a work-in-progress; it was cobbled together in Photoshop in about 45 minutes, but I'm happy so far; some graphics, such as the download and donate buttons are just placeholders I plan on tweaking/improving, and the typography isn't set in stone either (although I do think the Rockwell font face [used in the Header for Construct and on the download and contribute buttons] suits the cog logo).

    One particular area I am definitely going to change is the sidebar 'development' section; it doesn't stand out from the text currently and should resemble button elements more.

    Currently the content pretty much reflects the site as it is right now. Would people prefer it like this, with links for finding out more specific features of Construct, or should the front page have smaller elements below the billboard describing key features of Construct? I'm thinking maybe some key features and a link to a page with all key features could be displayed below the news and to the left of the sidebar (where there's a gaping white space).

    Anyway, currently this is a Photoshop document; I should be able to more or less bring it into .html and .css , however I'm not exactly a css ninja, so if worse comes to worse, I can supply the source files.


    (oh yeah, and hi everyone - I've been meaning to post on this forum for a few months, back when I was using Construct for a Uni assignment )

  • BrettJay you officially have my vote!

  • BrettJay you officially have my vote!

    And my axe!

  • > BrettJay you officially have my vote!


    And my axe!

    Lord of the rings?

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