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  • I hope the new site will have a donate button too!

  • Sorry to post yet another design- ... 20copy.png

    <img src="">

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  • Hi,

    I would like to say sorry to anyone who had been hurt with my past post. I didn't ment to.

    However we all know thet as many people there is, there is as many opinions. It's hard to satisfy everyone. That's why I would be glad if dev team would send me a pm with the changes that they would me to do.

    Now about my layeout:

    Size of a banner is big because it's home page. banners on the subpages is going to be smaller and there will be collumn for the content. There will be a overview page done as well, in a unity grid fashion as Ashly pointed it out. I'll prepare them when i'll be off work.

  • Your design kind of looks like one of those "free iPod" websites, Quazi.

    Link to Image

    should i remove the big free text?

  • It think it could be good to use wordpress. Blog structure is very easy to use.

  • No, I think we want to show more content on the front page than a simple blog.

  • So far, I root for alee and aritz.

    Their designs look neat, tidy and professional.

  • Haha awesome. Use joomla/drupal or something if your going for a CMS?

    We should make TEAM ALEE/ARITZ considering my design is basically your design...

  • Okay, I did a pretty large overhaul of my original design, so here's the revamped one:

    <img src="">

    Link to image

  • Newt had a totally sick looking concept he was passing around the chat... I wonder what happened to that one?

    I may still have a crack at this, but with new baby and everything coming home it's going to be hard to find any real time for it.

    So far, I like Quazi's design the most out of them all... it's just so shiny! And the new Construct logo design he has come up with looks awesome as hell.


  • I'm not sure about Quazi's design, looks nice although it seems more like an advertisement rather than a long term site. The Big C logo seems very detached visually from 'construct', I think the 'onstruct' may need a bit more experimentation.

  • my site was made on the most limited space, so thats why its a lil add-ish i didnt have room to fit anything else.

    i didnt know what exactly was wanted in terms of size so i went with a small single screener, everythings cramped up so it looks like an add yes, i can modify it to look better.

    as for the Construct thing, i could perhaps lower the c gear down a bit, i dont think i did any better or worse job than anyone else when you compare it to alees Cconstruct, or megas weird gear ect.

    im going to edit my page later and repost it with proper modifications

  • I did small redesign of the top part

  • Seriously, devs you need to decide what to do about the logo.

    Obviously from the tons of different versions its a major part of the design.

    Also there should be some more input as to what direction you want this to go, otherwise your either going to be stuck with a design your unhappy with, or your going to have to go pro and buy one somewhere.

    Anyway rants over... cept needs more teamwork, less clusterf^$k.

  • Hey, didn't wanna read the whole thread, but I could help out with some Flash elements if anyone needs / wants them.

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