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  • Would it be possible for a Palette loader objects? Something that load a .pal file on the sprite triggered by an event? I've seen that Color replace FX, it doesn't seem to do what I want it to. Or maybe have the color replace pick from a object pal and set it another.

    Possibly changing the Color Replace FX from this:

    <img src="">

    To This:

    <img src="">

  • I also think it would be great for construct to support indexed color images and actual palette swappig of them on the fly... but to do this right might require a special version of the sprite object. Then, we could even control realtime fades from one palette to the next over a specified period of time.

    I'd be very happy to use such a feature.

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  • i really wish there was a way to do this, the only way to make this atm though would be to make your sprites different colours into multiple pure white objects of solely that respective colours pixel layout and change their colour filter on the fly. a more automated way to break stuff up would be nice of course.

  • So, there's really no better way to do this?

    Edit, what about using hex color?

  • Only consoles like NES/SNES etc. would be capable of doing something like this.

  • You can do it on computers with C/C==. I've seen several MM fangames that do so.

  • I'd think this would be doable in a different way due to the fact all images are pngs. I'd really love being able to just be able to edit and load up different pal files for sprites. That would be hella super lovely.

  • Its totally do-able IF theres a version of the sprite object made that would KEEP the loaded images stored in memry as indexed color until the very moment they are drawn on screen. Please someone make this happen!

  • So there's no easier to condense this?

    I have to add 6 or the color replacers just to change MM colors.

  • when doing an effect one can only declare what can be changed.

    For colors, you can only state the three separare components. No way to add a color picker to an effect. Sorry, that color replacer fx up there is the closest you can go (I believe) to what you want in the current architecture.

    Also: forget about palletes. Not happening, for reasons that have been explained a zillion times. Construct is not 8-bit. If you want 8-bit looks, you'll have to fake them yourself.


    Christ. It would probably be easier just to recolor all your sprites in Photoshop and switch to new sprite sets when needed.

  • I don't think it would. I don't want to deal with 16+ different sprites.

  • So don't. Put all the animations in one sprite. Then name your animations "blueRun" and "redShoot" and stuff like that. So if you have blue, red, and green, then you would have three jumping animations called "blueJump," "redJump," and "greenJump." Then you can tell which animation to play by storing the current color in a global variable, like so:

    + Player picks Red
        -> Set global('currentColor') to "red"
    + On "Jump" pressed
        -> Set animation to global('currentColor') & "Jump"
    + On "Shoot" pressed
        -> Set animation to global('currentColor') & "Shoot" 
    or whatever
    Not so hard.  Changing colors for all your frames at once in Photoshop or Gimp (even Paint) takes mere seconds.  The hardest part would be importing all your animations, and even that's not [i]hard[/i], it's just more time consuming.  Still not as time consuming as setting up a complicated shader thing like you were, though.
  • See I did that at first, but when ever I switched animation, it would act jumpy.

    If I the animation was on frame eight of the walk cycle and I switched to color blue to green, the animation would reset to the first frame.

  • Then I guess you must have been doing something wrong, because it shouldn't be changing the animation frame :/

    Press Ctrl to change colors. It stays on the current frame, even when running. Sometimes there is a tiny pause, if you happen to press Ctrl at the tail-end of the current frame's timing, but it doesn't go back to the first frame.


    Anyway, Mega Man always changes color while the weapon menu is up, and there's a little "changeover blip" animation when you return to playing, so if that little pause is enough to bother you then just add the "changeover blip." It will not only cover up the pause, but it will be more authentic as well.

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