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  • I had single problem with the new test in that the exe would not close correctly and remained in the task manager, so i had to force close it. For the GUI however everything seemed to work well.

  • thanks firelight.

    also, small update: still working on integrating the ui with spriter. As I began testing it in Spriter, I found additional features that cannot wait for basic usability, like docking, and zooming into the timeline, a few others. just bear with me a little longer, this will be the largest update thus far.

  • Keep up the good work. Can't work for the new version :D

  • Any news on the update? Would really love to try it out more :D

  • Sorry for the lack of updates. Had about 2 1/2 weeks of unforeseen delays. Back on track, and things are progressing steadily again. I'll report back soon with a more complete status report and some screenshots. Thanks for your patience. I'll try my best to make sure this update is worth the wait.

  • This program will make graphic images right? It will be a good addon for CC.

  • yes,

    here's a little more info on it. The quote at the bottom has the more basic info.

    the short answer is yes, int the final version you'll be able to export your animation to sequential pngs, but it's made for a more powerful purpose. in a nutshell it will allow you to create an animated character from a collection of images, and at runtime construct classic(and eventually construct 2) will be able to load your characters, and arrange the multiple images in realtime, saving immense amounts of vram. This makes it possible to create larger, much more smoothly animated characters than traditional sprites, while at the same time using less gfx card power.

    it has a number of other useful features, like character maps, that allow you to add custom items like shields and armor, and control their visibility at runtime, while these alternate costumes and such, won't require you to reanimate your character. Sound effects that can be controlled by your animation, pinpointing exactly which frame a sounds should play, and animatable actionpoints, which are like imagepoints in regular sprites, and an unlimited amount of hitboxes on a perframe basis, for things like fighting and action games, where you want to know not only that a collision took place, but also where on the character a collision took place. Also animatable variables that change based on where in an animation you are, or what animation you're on, etc.

    longer term plans include freely deformable images, 2d bone skinning(some old proof of concept/prototype vids here) like ubi-art framework. Also procedural animation to allow dynamic animation to be generated on the fly, which when combined with the freely deforming sprites, will allow you to have dynamic characters, where each one looks and behaves differently than every other character, and characters who animate differently based on whatever variables you like, such as emotion, or fatigue.

    There's lots more to it, but I'm off to code some more! the next update is long overdue, and I'm working very hard to release it as soon as possible

  • Okay, thanks for this looong info If Im understanding correct I can create with it images which even can be used in other game creation software. This will be great.

  • just wanted to drop in with a status update.

    going by the current state of the software, and the speed things are working, this next version will be the last major update before 1.0. This will also mark the upgrade from alpha to beta status, and should be feature complete. From there it be correcting any bugs, or taking small requests to enhance the ui.

    I'm going to be adding a number of features over the next week, and then I'll try to give you a better time estimate than "soon".

    thanks for your patience!

  • Nice to hear that! Really looking forward to the next update. Btw, Lucid, you mention the original spriter on brashmonkey can be converted to support the next version you will be releasing?

    Will the source file be able to be open in the new spriter?

  • right click - view image - to view full image

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1013446/spriterspam/bookabeeekie.png" border="0" />

    Spriter version R1b release imminent.

    [edit]possibly in a future version yung. for now the converter is separate.

  • Very nice update! The UI is a great improvement! Looking forward to give this a test run!

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  • a closed test with a few users resulted in some more ui improvements. Expect the next release this weekend:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1013446/Spriter%20Releases/screen.png" border="0" />

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