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  • I've always thought it was in good taste to give a nod back to the people that helped you and the tools you used when making a game, and Construct is no exception. I was just curious; how many other people do the same?

    Also, is there a version of the C-orb on the front page laying around that hasn't been banner chopped?

  • I always include a "tools used" credit when I do anything.

  • I made picture that you can include with your games if you want.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1024727/hey.PNG">

    Just put it at the start of the game.

  • No offense, but that is ugly

    Hey, let's have David make a Construct splash for us, including "made by Scirra Construct" and logo and all that. Then we could include it at start or end or whenever we want.

    Multiple resolutions.

  • No. Because I haven't made one yet.

    I do plan on nodding Construct though. I made a vector of the Scirra logo :3

  • No offense, but that is ugly

    I'm pretty sure it was a joke mipey .

    Hey, let's have David make a Construct splash for us, including "made by Scirra Construct" and logo and all that. Then we could include it at start or end or whenever we want.

    Nah, users should just draw/code there own original version of a splash screen which fits with the game. I'm not a big fan of uniform splash screens; It makes it seem like construct is a trial version or forces you to have it in game.

  • I once extracted the logo from the website to put in the credits of a game (that didn't get finished).

    I'd appreciate a Construct logo that we could use in games, so it would look consistent for all projects.

  • Until one exists or you make your own, why not use the "construct powered" logo that is included in the Pixel Shader template from within Construct itself.

    Just turn the warp shader off and copy it.

  • <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/939828/powered.png">

    I dunno....I kinda like small 'icon' kinda 'powered by' things... I'll do another one later

  • Sigh, now no one will use mine.

  • So long as construct NEVER forces a logo or any kind of branding onto anything someone has made with the software, then as per my original vote. I'm more than happy to let everyone know what I used to make it.

    By having it entirely optional. I think then a special version of the logo, provided on the site as a .psd or something where everything is broken down and usable in parts would be a good idea. That will then let the more creative ones play around with it somewhat. I'm thinking along the lines of how various movies will often change the logo's of Warner Bros and Fox at the beginning of their films, or Lucasarts often did in their games with their logo. I think something like that would be good fun, and help make the logo "part of the game" rather than just stuck on the start somewhere. Eventually could even have as part of some construct awards event, a "best use of the Scirra/construct logo in a game intro" award. And then, at the same time, being optional will allow for a simple text mention in credits instead, if the person making the game so chooses. Whatever the game maker decides upon and whatever happens to work for their game (creative introductions will work in some games, but obviously not others).

    So yeah, could be an idea to keep something like that in mind with the design of the -official- logo/splashscreen.

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  • <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/939828/construct%20powered.png">


  • <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/939828/construct%20powered.png">



  • open-source already implies free, I thought. 'Free' just feels kind of dirty. But yeah, if you want to seize the attention of ignorant masses, 'free' is the way to go.

  • seriously there are stupid people out there. someone rated construct 0 out of 5 with the comment 'wheres the source?!' ... I love how the entire project was therefore worth NOTHING because the guy was too much of a moron to know what SVN/CSS were and not even consider that maybe he had overlooked something. Also there are lots of commercial open source projects out there, so free emphasises it... although your right its kinda like putting 'emergency ambulance' ... you'd think 'ambulance' would be enough

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