new Spriter vid! Alpha for current pro users

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  • so, as promised, but a few days late, spriter updated vid

    and spriter updated version:


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    all current pro users get to alpha test until beta release. so if you buy today, you get the latest versions until beta release.

    in other news, I've quit my dayjob, and I'll be working fulltime for the next half a year or so on mostly spriter, and projects using spriter, so development should be picking up quite a bit.

    please ask questions and make suggestions

    for current users, just return the workflowy for the link to the latest alpha

    aside from bugfixes and some optimizations. the main new addition since last week is the adjustable pivotpoints. press h to change the pivotpoint of an image. this will apply to all instances of this image. you can also do this to multiselections as well, so you can adjust the axis of rotation for a group of selected images as well

    <font size="1">Hello Construct community,

         I have recently joined forces with Brashmonkey, to develop the plugin for Construct Classic that will allow you to load Spriter files into your games. (Spriter homepage) Development is nearly complete, and you can expect to move your huge and insanely detailed multisprite creations just as easily as you would a standard construct sprite.   


         I've taken over as lead developer of Spriter, leaving Holymonkey free to make example files, tutorial videos, and entire game art packs in Spriter format which will allow indie game developers to jump right into making games. And thanks to the flexibility of the format, artists can easily replace images and alter animations to make entirely new creations.

          But there is also much bigger news. Spriter will be coming to C2 next for use in your HTML5 games, so you can create high quality 2d games that run on any platform with a modern browser.

         And the biggest news we have is that Spriter is being completely redesigned from the ground up to make it as intuitive and fun to use as possible. Quite simply, we want it to be the ultimate tool for creating multisprite animation for real time games. Development is just beginning, here's what we've got so far:


         We will be keeping you updated with the latest ui tweaks and new features, and taking your suggestions and criticisms from the very beginning. We are committed to making Spriter the industry standard format for multisprite animation. Tell us what you want or need to get you excited about using Spriter. Motion tweening? Docking UI elements? We're open to everything.

        </font>edited><editid>lucid</editid><editdate>2011-11-10 06:13:45</editdate></edited>

  • This look so promising, awesome work.

    Can't wait for the C2 version <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • ditto...

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  • double ditto

  • Your plugin is still coming for Classic? Spriter free/pro and your plugin can still be used with Classic? Also will your plugin be released on your initial time frame or is it going to be pushed back until the ground up rebuild is done?

  • Definitely want motion tweening. Looking sweet!

  • Your plugin is still coming for Classic? Spriter free/pro and your plugin can still be used with Classic? Also will your plugin be released on your initial time frame or is it going to be pushed back until the ground up rebuild is done?

    The current near finished plug will work for classic. All the functionality is there. What's left is icing on the cake. The cc plugin and the new rebuilt Spriter use a new file format, designed to be smaller, and more flexible so we can add new features easily without 3rd party plugins for other engines (such as unity) requiring immediate upgrades to continue working.   We have a 3rd party writing a file converter to convert current spriter files to the new format. This should be done within the next month, at which point the cc plugin will be released. The c2 plugin will come after the new editor is complete, at which point in can be released with whatever the full feature set of the cc plug is at that time.

  • When will it be fully available?

  • When will it be fully available?

    The goal is to have a beta version with all features available before December.

  • Thats really, really nice. I tested the normal version and can�t do anything. Even with the video tutorial Oo.

    This new version seems to be very easy to learn.

    But don�t you think that the time line need�s a numeric visibility of the animation�s time?

    Your works are truly amazing lucid, when my card game get�s on late stages i sure will try to hire you for the online plugins XD

  • wow man! Where to get it?

  • <img src="" border="0" />

  • That ui slider is delicious.

    This program is really useful; doing this kind of animation in graphics gale is a pain in the ass.

  • Don't forget, not only will Spriter make the process of creating animations and character variations drastically faster, but it will also drastically optimize the amount of file space, memory usage, etc. (That is once the nearly finished Construct Classic Spriter plug-in is finished)

    Now that Lucid has taken over the programming aspect of Spriter, I'll be creating entire 2d game art packs (fuly animated). These will be Spriter files along with all the images required for the animations.   This will alow for super easy customizations of professionally animated game assets.

    I'll also create new (starting from scratch)tutorials as soon as the new Spriter is up and running enough to do so.

  • I think I speak for everybody when I say we're salivating with anticipation. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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