new Spriter vid! Alpha for current pro users

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  • This is so badass, Lucid! Looking forward to the finished product.

  • hi guys, small update before the official announcement. It doesn't look like I'll achieve feature complete beta status on time for dec 1. a few construct classic bugs and missing features slowed progress, such as platform behavior crashing on nonsprite objects, and a few others, and so I had to fix those before moving on with spriter.   

    however, the good news is that because i will miss the dec 1st deadline for achieving beta status, I will be opening alpha to everyone a week early, so within the next two days I'll be releasing the alpha version of both the editor, and the plugin as well, to the entire scirra community so you can actually load characters in game, and start reporting bugs and requesting features.

    I'll also announce the future plans of spriter, both the immediate future, such as the order you can expect the currently announced features to be implemented, and the complete to-do list for 1.0, and also the possible future feature set.

    see you soon with download links, and instructions. happy thanksgiving!

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  • Great stuff, looking forward to it!

  • hi all,    i have the spriter plugin installed... and it shows up, but i think im missing something. how do i get the animations from the spriter program to C2???

    please help.   lost....

  • This thread has the info you need:

    basically just drag and drop in the actual scml file into c2

    this early version has some limitations you'll need to know about listed in the thread above.

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