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  • Hi,

    I wonder if it is possible that instead of loading a model with a texture, a 3D model is loaded with the materials chosen in a modeling program. I want to know this, because it is not always possible to have a single texture that acts as a skin for the model, and I would prefer it was possible to apply different materials to the 3D model that contain only the color information of each part of the model. Is it possible without having to create a single texture for the whole model?

  • It would be nice, but it probably wont look very good since there is no 3d lighting.

  • Yeah, I know, but it would be nice even without lighting, especially for creating some kind of cartoonish effect on 3D models.

  • Most games only work with a single texture called a skin.It's very difficult to create different textures on a single mesh.I think there would be huge performance loss if a single mesh has multiple textures.Why not render the model with lighting enabled in your rendering program first and then output the render as a png file.At least it will be 2.5d.

  • Apart from when you require a tiling texture on part of a model, there's really no need to go for more than one texture per model.

    Multiple texture files can have an adverse effect on performance.

    This is obviously engine specific, but as an example, for a game like Trainz, where hundreds of pieces of custom content are streamed into the game as you play, if many of those assets have multiple texture files, it can really effect performance.

    For that particular game, I make sure that my models all use a single texture file, except where tiling is required along both axis, in which case you have to use a separate texture.

    However, in a construct game, I can't see performance being a problem with multiple texture files, because you have total control over the amount that are used.

    There's still no excuse for using multiple texture files though, and it's good housekeeping to get into the habit of building up your textures with all the pieces you need.

    As I've said in a couple of threads now, I'd like to see embedded textures like .x DirectX models have, and seeing as assimp supports .x, it should be possible.

    I didn't get a response to that question from the Devs in the latest release thread, and I haven't had time to test it myself (too busy with Android), but I'd like to think that it's going to be added to the 3D object, if it isn't already in there.


  • it's good housekeeping to get into the habit of building up your textures with all the pieces you need.

    Yup, there's no real reason to have multiple textures per model in a simple construct game.

    I'd like to see embedded textures like .x DirectX models have

    What advantage does that give you over what Construct has now?

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  • What advantage does that give you over what Construct has now?

    Nothing more than not having a few more files hanging around really.

  • I never said I want multiple TEXTURES. I said I would like multiple MATERIALS, and by materials, I didn't mean TEXTURES, but only the COLOR data of a material.

    <img src="">

    This 3D model have no textures, just materials with color, and eventually, shininess data.

  • Don't think something like this would work. You would need some kind of converter to translate the internal Max Shader into a readable format for Construct.

    I am not a big fan of 3D in Construct anyway. We should focus on 2D stuff and try to improve in this field(2.5D depth rendering) and not opening a new one which has a ton of great tools to work with allready.

  • You don't understand what I meant. I know I will NEVER make something like that shown in the image. I don't want phong shading. I don't want 3D shadows. I don't want any of the effects that you can find in the image. I just want a 3D object without textures, without a skin, but just with simple colors for every mesh in the 3D object. Colors. Colors. Simple, genuine, colors without textures. Color information. Color data. Am I so bad at explaining things? Please, tell me.

  • Your image isn't coming up for me Genesys. I know what you mean by material color, however you can still do that with a texture, just use a flat color. Very simple. No need to add extra features for it. You can even be super optimized and make an 8x8 texture with each of the 64 pixels a different color. Then just texture each face to a color. Super easy.

  • yea i think what hes talking about is having flat shaded polygons like lets say mario in mario 64, i dont think he realized yet that a texture can just be a flat colour like he wants though

    <img src="">

    this sorta?

  • Yeah, let's say I want something like Mario 64. But, hey, I work with 3D for years, I obviously know a texture can be just one color. Don't make me look so noob I also tried doing a unique skin for my 3D model, but it seems that my Cinema 4D exports 3D models badly, so models doesn't get the UV mapping working properly and Construct, neither Blitz3D can load that models with the right UV map. I got it working after I exported my model with a plugin made for Blitz3D model format (.b3d), but obviously I don't get it working in Construct. It loads the model, but it doesn't load the UV map. As I said, it isn't Construct doing it wrong, but Cinema 4D.

    I'll just make my 3D game with Blitz3D, it's not a problem after all

  • I know what you mean. You just want the materials to be shaded in RGB colors without any texture. Flatshaded. But you would still need some kind of converter to read the information from the 3d fileand apply it to the model in construct. Or some kind of menu inside construct, which would let you chose a color your self.

    BTW. what format are you using to export from c4d?

  • I tried 3ds and obj in Construct, 3ds, obj and x in Blitz3D. Later I just exported the object in the native Blitz3D format (b3d) and it worked. Simply, there's something wrong with the normal Cinema 4D exporters. I should reinstall Cinema 4D.

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