hopefully simple request which could improve workflow.

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  • H everyone,

    I'm new to construct and love how its shaping up.

    I was excited to learn that one could horizontally flip an instance of an object in the layout editor by switching is dimensions to a negative number. Sure enough, It works.

    However curretly it seems to have a bug.. After switching to negative dimensions, using the mouse to actuallt drag its corners to adjust its dimensions no longer works properly.

    In adition to eventually fixing this bug, might I suggest a shortcut key like "x" or "cntrl+X" to horizontally flip a selected object.

    This would be incredibly useful for quickly populating levels with enemies, npc's and other props and simultaniously setting the direction that particular instance is facing.

    For me, this would be especially wonderful, as I'll be populating the levels with tons of trees, bushes and flowers and I'm trying to get as much mileage as possible out of the art by using flipped and resized versions of all this plantlife.

    thanks for listening

  • you can simply type in dimensions from the property bar

  • I know that. but its cetianly a bug, or at least "feature that doesn't work as expected" and its certianly slower and less user friendly to type and retype numbers until you get what you're after instead of a simple drag of the mouse...which already works when not dealing with negative values.

    if I need to place 200 or so objects per level in a huge game with perhaps a hundred or more levels, and each one needs to be tweaked for shape, and flipped or not, this will make a substantial difference in time...

    Also, I had assumed/hoped this would be an easy "fix"

  • all you have to do is flip one through the property bar, then ctrl+drag as many instances of each flipped or non-flipped instance as you want. you dont have to flip them every time.

  • It's a bug, put it on the bug tracker.

  • I'll put it in the bug tracker. Thanks Rich,


    the point is I not only want some filpped, but ALL of them to be different widths and heights from one another... think lush forest..all trees, plants etx different sizes and shapes.

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  • oh ok, i understand the bug you mentioned.

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