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  • This looks fantastic... is it some kind of mesh? What's the computational overhead like when you drop it into a game?

    Really nice work, looking forward to seeing it develop

  • Only request is to have an option to have the smoke disperse more over time until it's back to no smoke at all.

    Don't know if that was already planned/available/whatever but the plugin would be useless for me without such a feature, so thought I'd check!

  • yeah 6 fix, you can do it manually by adding a negative amount of smoke, that's used for the fire in this new demo:


    also the fire was done with a few tweaks of the settings...very exciting

  • Awesome.

    It lags on my cpu though. Dunno if that's because the plugin's unfinished/some settings are set too high.

  • oh yeah, that reminds me, what cpu speed do you have?

    and what gfx card

    it could be slow because of the two sprites divided in to 5000 polygons each

    or more likely the actual smoke simulation

    btw did it slow on the fire one, or did you try both?

    the fire one is running two simulations at once (one for fire one for smoke)

  • i only tried the smoke and fire one.

    I have an E2160 dual core 1.8 ghz

    and a HD 4670 512mb

  • is there an option to improve the quality

  • yeah, it takes alot of cpu power though

    also, I was doing some experimentation, and horizontal plus vertical blur makes a big difference I'll upload that later

    also, the main thing stopping the quality from being at least a little better is construct won't let me split the sprite up into more pieces, also, I'm going to check with the devs again if they can add something to sprite to allow plugins to change the distort map

    right now for the smoke to be resolution 100x100 (right now it's calculating that, but it's only displaying 50x50, to do 100x100 it would take 10,000 calls to the set distort map action, construct is just not fast enough to run that many commands per tick

    the cpu overload would still be there but it would take alot less action calls if one step could set the entire distort map.

    also, this is only one method of visualizing the fluid, you could also have particle effects that come on when the is a certain density, or even no visualization for the fluid itself, but leaves blowing in the wind, or plankton being carried on a current through water

    the plugin just calculates the fluid, it doesn't display anything. what you're seeing on the screen is a sprite with a distort map

  • here goes a particle visualization, a very different look and feel, using the same parameters used for the smoke before, but using particles to visualize:


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  • Cool effect. Looks great when you fly through the particles, displacing them.

  • So will there be an option for decreasing the grid size? Cause it looks very blocky when the gas is created.

    EDIT: oh yeah, I forgot to say...


  • thanks guys

    and you're welcome,

    btw here's the version with the blur effect so you can see how it looks:


  • Are you sure your not a professional games developer.If not you should be.Your'e a genius.Keep up the good work.

  • Lucid, do you have the license for being awesome?

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