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  • fps:71



    Advanced Micro Devices


    Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT (512 MB)

    A bit confusing...the onscreen counter tells 142 fps...and subsequent clicks copy even less fps than the above (like 48, 25, etc)

    cpu 67%

    gpu 11%

    if this helps

  • thanks tulamide, anyone who gets a lower fps with this please manually tell me the real steady fps

    I think the hardware profiler is slowing it down for one tick, I'll fix that later, but for now:

    [quote:2v7xgcmu]anyone who wants to help please run this


    this is a 50x50 grid of fluid, and 2500 moving sprites taking advantage of multicore processors

    you won't see anything on the screen happening but just move the rocket around randomly

    it's adding ink nonstop invisibly, and all the testing is going on in the background

    I'll try to make another larger gridsize benchmark in a little while, but this should start to give use a general idea of how it could run

    after you've given a second for some ink to get out, please left click, and then paste into a reply to give me your benchmark data

    please paste, and don't just give your fps, because it will help me verify it's recognizing all cores

    if you want to add your gfx card info that'll be useful mainly only if it's not running over 100 fps

    thanks anyone who helps,

    here's my info:




    Advanced Micro Devices


  • fps:32



    Intel Corporation


    On-screen FPS counter had 482 FPS though....

    Its an i7 930

  • fps:36



    Advanced Micro Devices


    and Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT 1Gb

    The steady fps was 105 for me.

  • fps:148



    Intel Corporation


    HD 4670 512 MB

    steady fps around 170-180

  • much better then

    I will proceed as planned

    thanks everyone

    also, just a teaser for those who will use google and youtube to decipher what I'm saying lest I just say it and generate too much excitement for something I'm not sure will work or not

    what we've been doing here is fluid dynamics

    I've found another free for commercial use source code for smoothed particle hydrodynamics, which is what I was really looking for in the first place

    I won't say any more on that until I have a working demo, other than that I'm disgustingly excited about it

  • other than that I'm disgustingly excited about it

    ....... ew!

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  • are you gonna implement particle advection? all it does is set the velocity (x,y) of a paritcle (point) based on its position, weighted by which block/grid it's currently closest to

  • Unless I'm misunderstanding, the way to do that would just be to set sprite speed to



  • im pretty sure ya, so that would be possible using events? sounds good.

    getting the fluid speed at an arbitrary point though, would it automatically interpolate, or only give the velocity at the nearest square

  • Well, as of reading your first question it'll interpolate

    That makes more sense, though I may put both options, since if it was in the center od 4 squares

    That would be a lot of interpolation if you wanted to have a lot of it going on

    On a side note, I was having a look at how the wall reflections are done. I will probably be able to allow you to add obstacles, but only aligned to grid cell sizes, probably no diagonals either

    Ill look into getting past both those limitations, but it seems doubtful

  • diagonals could possibly "work" if you allowed the fluid to "interesect" (pass onto the the cell with a diagnol in it), you could only allow for full cell or 45deg cell, but that would allow you to approximate a shape acceptably, if the fluid passes onto a 45 deg cell it would be treated as a normal cell, not a solid cell, but still would deflect the velocity vector in that cell based on the 45deg angle and previous velocity(?) (dont know if youre implementation stores that) however you would do that or something similar.

    i dunno just putting ideas out there, again im not sure of your implementation so i dont know if my ideas are possible/would work

    i wouldnt mind if fluid could pass into 45 deg angled solids like that, seeing as solids would probably be infront of fluid gfx anyways.

    sounds good about the particle advection.

    oh yea, was wondering if implementing gravity onto the fluid is also a possibility, i would imagine its a simple case of adding/doing gravitational acceleration to the y velocity vector? you know to add a kinda heavy smokey-ness like when dry ice releases gas.

  • oh and btw, found this online

    http://www.dgp.toronto.edu/people/stam/ ... /jgt01.pdf

    seems like another rather fast implementation of fluid, and it wraps around screen edges

  • yeah

    I can probably add wraparound if you'd like

    but that was the one I used before with the unwritten license from the land of mystery

    this one has more options though, and takes advantage of multicore cpu's

    and has a license that clearly allow commercial use

    but thanks

  • fps:198



    Intel Corporation


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