How did you find out about Construct?

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  • We seem to have a regular flow of new users coming in, which is really cool. Purely out of curiosity, I was wondering where everyone found out about Construct. Especially if you're new, it'd be interesting to know! We haven't made much of an effort at all to publicise Construct since we're still beta, being pre-1.0, and still working out some bugs and features.

    So where y'all from?

  • I heard of it and thought it sounded promising on The Daily Click, I think, but I didn't mind it much then because I didn't think it would be up to par yet since it was very early on.

    Recently I was reminded of it and it being v.0.98 I decided to switch to it!

  • Was googling for game development software, I went through game maker, mmf, torque and all that stuff until I finally found what fulfilled my picky criteria - Construct. The criteria was simple - easy to use, no scripting language (as my programming skills are at the bottom), powerful, modular and - free.

    So, yeah... Hi!

  • i was browsing the internet to find a suitable game editor software for my diploma thesis; i previously worked with vvvv, which is a flexible toolkit, but unfit for game development. my criteria were speed (for fast prototyping), usability, a modern concept, reasonable maturity & stability, and i preferred open source.

    the usual 'all-round' suspects failed to impress (either not modern or too expensive), and the majority of other editors are very specialised. i was already down to trying obscure alpha software when i found construct. i can't exactly remember wether it was by flipping through the entire sourceforge catalogue or by clicking every link on another 'game development software' list, but yes, it was at located in the desperate lower ends of the internets. i really don't know how you managed to hide this gem so well, but i guess you're right about a low/moderate amount of users being helpful for bugfixing - i hope we really are :)

    (to be fair, i also fancy the z game editor, but it has a very different mission statement and does not sport the speed/usability i need at this time.)

  • I think I stumbled across it through some link on TDC. Either that, or the TigerWorks website redirected me here, but I'm not exactly sure which one it was.

  • I read a gamasutra interview about Joakim Sandbergs Noitu Love and him saying that he's not a programmer and that he created the whole game in 8 months using Multimedia Fusion.

    So I tried out Multimedia Fusion and thought it was a piece of crap. Then I somehow read about Construct, either on their forums or on whatever and gave it a try and it was exactly what I was looking for.

    That's my Construct story in a nutshell so far

  • I also heard about it through TDC, over a year ago. There was drama aplenty regarding the issue. Construct was being bashed in some thread or another and I thought "well, let's see what all the hubbub is."

    Turns out that the Construct bashing was the most useful thing I'd ever read on TDC. I'd like to thank Liji for pointing me in the right direction

    I read a gamasutra interview about Joakim Sandbergs Noitu Love...

    I heard of it and thought it sounded promising on The Daily Click...

    Um, hey Thomas... heh, never mind

  • Haha, what the hey, I didn't even see that Joakim is here too. I guess that pretty much goes to show how awesome Construct already is (and also how small the industry actually is )

    Good to see you here, man.

    Just hope more and more people find out about it and also hope that the industry adapts it at least as a prototyping device, so we can do better stuff in a shorter timeframe.

  • My friend linked me to it, no idea how he got a hold of it.

  • Hey, thanks for appreciating me! Let us make games in a big happy family!

  • I'd been curious about this too. Thanks for the question. I was tired of GameMaker. Found Construct searching for game creation software on Yay!!

  • SuperV is on another forum I read regularly, and he occasionally mentions Construct. Took a look, started toying a bit, probably won't ever make an actual game (or at least not before I finish my first novel and make my first ten million bucks ;)

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  • I was Browsing and was making myself ready to try different free products, but I didn't try other game-engines, because Construct seems easy enough to quickly create games and flexible enough (python - if I ever need it and learn it) to bend things to your own will.

  • I used MMF to make one game with my friend and I did not really like it's UI was overbearing and to hard to make changes in. So I get an email from my friend and it links to hear and ive been here ever since.

  • Via an argument on the Daily Click forums, haven't thought about buying MMF2 since!

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