How did you find out about Construct?

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  • The public Commander Keen forum o' course. Xtraverse the former Dev was a member there.

    This was back when it was still going to cost money.

  • Someone mentioned it in TigSource's compo forums, said that he was looking into it and looked really nice.

    It was a BIG surprise to find out actually HOW NICE it is. And I usually don't follow those links, I just had never heard of Construct before... I never really tried GM or MMF, even though I heard them mentioned zillions of times (with mixed feelings, I reckon)

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  • Readed kayins site news and there was something about he's making new game with Construct and checked out what construct is.

  • Well I was looking for something in Daily Click and then I found very very old topic and there was someone talking about scirra and out of curiosity i googled it and found this rough diamond <3

    I would have done suicide if I hadnt found cuz MMF2 was killing me with its bugs and low performance and crashes...

  • A classmate recommended it over Gamemaker because of ease of use.

  • Nice to see the variations here in how people found it .

    Been here since the beginning..

  • Voices in head told me about Construct

  • I was looking for the perfect engine to start doing some small projects and getting the hold of game development.

    Saw a list of engines on and i saw Construct.

    I tried it out and i loved it.

  • I heard about it from Aeal. Decided to start using it for a project for school; however, I like how it works and I'll certainly be using it for future projects.

  • Konjak actually told me about how awesome Construct was. I had not really looked into it before because I was Clickteam's little goon goin on 11 years! Once I finally got around to tinkering with Construct I instantly fell in love and tossed MMF.

  • Deadeye mentioned it on TIGSource forums a while ago. That's how I found it.

    But I didn't fall in love immediately. It's only when I learned more about it (families, object picking, groups and few other bits) that I fell in love instantly.

    I've been using C++ with various libraries (Allegro and SDL) previously and have written 250K-sized games, but the development was slow.

  • I Heard about it on a forum, but there was no links. So I searched Google for about an hour, this was probably when Construct was not so easy to find.

  • Found out a a Sonic The Hedgehog fan forums. I like it, Although there are somethings MMF2 has that I wish Construct had.

  • Honestly, I can't remember.

  • Kayin, the creator of I wanna be the Guy, started work on a new game, and he was developing it in Construct.

    I was interested in developing a game, and construct sounded great.

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