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  • The watch thing is already implemented in the debugger!

  • What about taking a screenshot with print screen, and then printing the screenshot?

  • How about being able to export the watch list as a .txt or something?

  • How about being able to export the watch list as a .txt or something?

    Yep. I suggested that also because I tought it should be not such a big effort. But, if not, I can always adapt with double clicking debugger items adding to watch page and taking screenshot.

    Just one more thing (I could be wrong, since I didn't find any documentation about the debugger.. I still haven't figured out well how watch list works): is it normal that in the debugger I don't see global variables?

  • Would be very comfortable the possibility to activate/deactivate groups of events directly with a checkbox.

    Also please note that Enter and Esc doesn't work as shortcut for cancel and finish on the expression editor.

  • Another suggestion about the user interface.. in the level editor, spacebar + left mouse button for scoll the layout with the mouse.

    It's a popular shortcut that you can find in all majors graphic programs like Photoshop and it's implemented in MMF2 as well.

  • Hold the middle mouse button.

  • Hold the middle mouse button.

    Good to know, thank you!

    But for a matter of being user friendly I suggest to implement that other shortcut too, since it's quite popular. Also because in many times the middle button is the scroolwheel, that's not that comfortable to keep pressed.

  • Hey Ashley would it be possible to add some actions to the Platform movement for "Set Jump Strength," "Set Jump Sustain," and "Set Gravity?" This would make creating things like spring-boards and swimming levels much easier.

    Also, I'm seconding this request:

    Requesting set x/y speed of the platform movement.

    Though really I suppose setting the X speed is all you'd need because you can already use a "Jump" action and falling is automatic. This could make for fully automated things like title-screen demos, cut scenes, or even enemies that use platform movement.

  • i think i requested this before but i'd still like families to have their own set of private variables that only need to be set in something like family properties. this way, all sprites added to a family would have those private variables by default either by being accessed separately or by adding stated private variables to the sprites list of variables but still specifying where those private variables are from and removing sprites from families would remove the private variables that were given due to being added to the family.

  • Requesting a 'set animation speed' action.

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  • Also an equivalent of the "Text Blitter" object for MMF would be not essential, but important.

  • Small request for the text object, outline with variable thickness and color. It really helps to make the text more visible. I know that there is a PS 2.0 effect for outlines, but not everybody has a card that has 2.0.

    Is is also possible to make comment visibility in the event sheet editor toggle? I put alot of comments in my apps and it takes up alot of space.

  • Suggestion : Particle Object

    To use this plugin, just add the object, it's all event based, I'll explain with examples :

    EVENTS =

    ParticleObject.SetSprites = sprite1, sprite2, sprite3 (and so on)

    ParticleObject.CreateEmitter = x, y, particle lifetime, particle scale, particle quality, particle gravity, gravity direction, emitter life

    ParticleObject.SpawnParticles = x, y, particle lifetime, particle scale, particle quality, particle gravity, gravity direction

    Blood Example =

    ParticleObject.SetSprites = Blood1, Blood2

    ParticleObject.CreateEmitter = Player.X, Player.Y, 250, 1, 3, 9.8, 90, 1250

    ParticleObject.SpawnParticles = Arm.X, Arm.Y, 150, 0.75, 3, 9.8, 90

    This will be EXTREMELY useful.

  • Suggestion : Graphic Counter

    To use this plugin, set a sprite to the counter, it will copy itself to the desidered number.

    EVENTS =

    GCounter.SetSprite = sprite1

    GCounter.SetMax = maximum value

    GCounter.SetMinimum = minimum value

    GCounter.SetValue = current value

    GCounter.AddValue = adds a value to the current one

    GCounter.SubtractValue = subtracts a value from the current one

    Bullet Example =

    GCounter.SetSprite = Bullet

    GCounter.SetMax = 30

    GCounter.SetMinimum = 0

    GCounter.SetValue = 30


    GCounter.SetValue = 30


    GCounter.SubtractValue = 1

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