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  • It's planned for 1.0, it's a rather difficult and large thing to program.

  • It's planned for 1.0, it's a rather difficult and large thing to program.

    Whoa, that's planned?!?!

    I was thinking of using Python for that, but hey that'd be great!!

  • Yeah, I've been working on it lately, maybe it'll get into 0.99.

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  • HOLY s***..

    Game Maker 8 will be released some month this year, hope we could take a look at it, and bite it right at the face with Construct 1.00! aha =)


    Damn, that was way off topic. Probably hmm.. stealing ideas for features on similar software would be good (?)

  • Hey kids! Long time, long time!

    [quote:295k2rpu] Another new neat feature which probably won't make 0.99, but will follow shortly after, are custom collision masks, which can be drawn via the picture editor.

    This makes me very interested and I'm extremely curious as to what this entails and might have some feature requests based on how close or different it is to my expectations.

    So I'm a big fighting game guy, to the point where I'm using aspects in it for the game I''ve been working on, so custom collision masks make me automatically think of fighting game hit boxes. Granted, I know the intended basic functionality (just defining a simplier shape for a complex object), I was wondering if the feature would have more advanced functionality?

    What I was imagining was to ability to have collision "layers" on an object have have the abilitity to add as many as you need (terrain collision box, enemy collision box, head collision box, attacking hit boxes, ETC) and be able to adjust them per-frame. This may be way more complicated than planned or only useful to people like me (who can get by with multiple objects for collision), but the concept sounds neat and useful to me if taken to that sort of level.

    If this sounds good and more than your intended functionality, I'll submit a decent feature request. If it sounds silly and to complicated, I won't bog up the tracker. I am very curious to hear how much functionality the feature will have though.


  • The function is that you'll click a button, and the outline of the sprite as it is will appear - in gray - and you can then modify the boundaries of the mask. This can be per pixel, in any way you want.

    Separate collision masks per frame sound rather difficult, and are probably best done with attaching detectors via image points and using collision/collision at conditions.

  • Alright, that still sounds nice. Yeah, the detectors solutions are fine, but built in integration with the object would be nice. Ah well, something I can easily live without! Thanks for the answer.

  • Going to lock this one too to avoid the last bits of confusion <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />.

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