Is there an easy way to make streetfighter floors?

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  • Know what I mean? I want a long horizontally scrolling level, but I want to put the floor into perspective so that evert pixel row scrolls at a different speed....

    I'm hoping there's a beter way than lining up a bunch of 3d boxes.

  • I haven't actually fiddled in Construct in ages so I don't know why I still read the forums, but is there any way to skew an image? If so, maybe like... deform the backdrop images into perspective relative to camera. Or something. I have no idea.

    Thinking about it does give me other, inspired ideas though.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: haha, what? Ashley long ago posted a skew example. Perhaps it is the key!

  • Yeah I'd just found that skew example today too in the upload forum.

  • It's not a cool 'perspective' skew, though. I mean, there is no vanishing point, or in any case the VP sways along with the sprite. I wonder if it could be worked into something perspectivey.

    ... adding vanishing points to a layout is a step towards pseudo 3D environments.

  • I think you'd have to write a shader for this. I'm not sure all video cards can render distorted quads (eg. not just skewed but with perspective, and edges of differing length and not parallel to the opposite side) in 2D, without using actual 3D rendering. But I'll see if I can get something working.

  • So sprites then aren't textures on quads? I've been kind of hopeful for the ability to move and rotate sprites on the x, y and z axis so they could have automatic perspective/parallax, but I guess that would be harder than I thought if they're not on polygons.

    I'm no graphics programmer, so forgive my ignorance on the matter.

  • There are actually tqwo great extensions for MMF2 that we should all be looking at.

    one is called Paralaxer and the other is called Perspective. Both work wonderfully with very diferent aproaches...and both run very fast with no HWA required.

  • Sprites ARE textures on quads, but traditionally your trapezioid-shaped graphics come from using ordinary rectangular quads and viewing them at a 3D angle - in 2D, top down, you're actually just squashing the texture in to a funny shape. Still, a 3D sprite object is possible - it'd work like a single-faced 3D box object.

  • Oh, I didn't know the screen was rendered without perspective. That makes sense.

  • The artist could provide an image already drawn in perspective. (A trapeziod) which is already designed to tile semalessly...if construct simply takes each row of the trapeziod and scrolled it at a different speed based on its size relative to the total width, that would gove it the propper scrolling in perspective....then the user should be able to tell it which row of the trapeziod should be sinchronized to scroll at the same speed of the layer its on (if at all) This way you could properly "PIN" the floor, ceiling (or wall if vertical) to the layer in proper perspective.

    Does that make sense?

    This is similar to the technique used for the paralax extension that was recently made for MMF2.

  • I dunno, I was able to create a boxish room using the 3D box without any events. No idea what's going on in the image editor this release, I mean, every sprite and texture is limited to 64x64 or something? That's an unintuitive roadblock I have no idea how to overcome; then again, not really trying here...

    Note the negative depth. That's what reverses the normals, or as it were, turns the box inside-out.

    So... that would work if you threw in some scrolling background layers and more creative box placement.

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  • This is definately the sort of thing I'm after, but yeah...I was hoping for a solution that wouldnt have three unnecessary sides (for just a floor) and which would lend effortlessly toward an endlessly scrolling level design as well as a short one loke a room. (Without lining up a bunch of boxes and hoping there's never a slight gap or overlap.

  • Is it possible to make the 3D box to not blur images in the box, but just appear pixelated?

  • Yeah, I like that idea. Sure wouldn't hurt to have application-level control of texture filtering. Linear, Bi, Tri...

  • There are many open source 3D engines in the form of library's and SDK's.

    Like there are:

    and more.

    Almost nothing needs to be coded from scratch to enrich Construct with 3D and 3D physics.

    This if i understand this well. I am not a programmer.

    I dont think that Ashley dont want to. Reading his last comments i have the feeling that he just has no time. And the 2d engine is not even out of Beta yet.

    Jumping in his shoes, i dont see how he could manage all this, working on perfectioning the 2d shaders, and the events system, and the interfaces to it all, AND bring a 3D engine in something thats not stable yet.

    But i do think that the future lays in bringing together construct and one of the open source 3d engines. Why re-invent water ? Its all done already, and its here as SDK's and C++ librarys.

    So ? who's gonna do it ?

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