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  • I mean this with all due respect but I can't believe C1 doesn't have sprite indexing. There are alot of cool features, but its basically a MMF2 remake with less extensions until it truly delivers power. I know a list of about a dozen programmers that would easily use C1 (for fast completion) if there were only more power features like this. I also believe that going zero-based was something that should have been done from the start; there's actually no difference in how hard it is to teach, because non-programmers will have to learn either way.

  • sprite indexing?

  • Same as Python's sprite[index]. Would be nice if we could do that for families as well. Perhaps something could be done in the family editor where the user could arrange objects to the order they wanted them.

  • Paste-in-place option for the right click menu after you copy a object from the layout, so you can paste the copy exactly over the original.

  • > Because keeping everything in a single .exe is bad.

    > hy is that?

    nly thing I can think of is to make quick updates to the game without making users redownload entire exe. But single exe seems more safer? From what Ashley mentioned in the past, the events are hard enough to figure out for cheaters. I'm not clear on any other reason to separate the resources.

  • separating resources allows for easy downloadable content, such as levels, and new characters, and yes, updates. The main thing I always wanted was some way to pack a bunch of sprites construct could use, so I could add levels, or characters, without having a directory full of stealable spoilers

  • Folders in the object bar.

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  • Just a thought, but how about array access on private variables, and globals?

    Say for example you set your global as global("nums",'1,2,3,4,5,6,7')

    You could access the variable for global("nums") space 3 by using global("nums",3).

    You can probably do that already with a few events, and a set delimiter, but if there was a get and set action it would help a bunch.

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