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  • Change amount of frames of animations at runtime. Some programs draw and make the animations at runtime.

  • How about Python?

    Its a bit hazy if it will get it or not, but given all the recent cool stuff, I'd say its a gotta have.

    But, one thing I'm wondering is if it would be possible to use Python graphic commands in the C2 window?

    There are literally thousands of libs/modules out there, many of which have some draw functions we cant use. It would be awesome if we had access to those.

  • Because keeping everything in a single .exe is bad.

    hy is that?

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  • How about Python?

    Its a bit hazy if it will get it or not, but given all the recent cool stuff, I'd say its a gotta have.

    I totally second this. Python is a great complement to Construct. Plus it allows people to get a flavor of programming they may not have tried otherwise. Python libraries are so widespread that it greatly increases what people can do.

  • Thing about python is its not professional and people will refuse to play a game that makes you DL python (assuming it requires that installed) or uses it. Happens all the time... But since people here are probably just trying to get a game done they probably won't care much about that factor. I believe that if the game is good enough tho, people will get over it.

  • Thing about python is its not professional

    You're joking right?? Do you know how many professional projects from Google, Soya, Blender, Panda3D use Python?

    people will refuse to play a game that makes you DL python (assuming it requires that installed) or uses it.

    Why would a person care that Python is used in a game? and for the record end users do NOT have to download Python for it to work with Construct. Only developers need to do that. If you are concerned about the user seeing the Python DLL, just package your game in an installer and the end user wouldn't know if Python, C, C#, etc was used without browsing through the install directory.

    Happens all the time...

    Reference please.

    There are obviously pros and cons to using Python. Certainly, if you want blazing performance for certain sections you need to write those portions in something other than Python or accelerate with Psycho. In addition, the Python integration with Construct could use quite a bit of polish.

    All that being said, in 99% of the users here what language a game is written in won't matter assuming it gets the job done. You can write good and crappy games in any language.

  • I'm not trying to down on Python. Most dismiss any GAME that's not strictly c++ for 99% of it is what I meant. Bad use of words I guess. I haven't seen many successful games in general that wasn't c++. Construct might change that. About not needing to DL that's good. No need to defend Python we all know its a good tool like any other.

  • Scidave - Could you explain more fully what you mean about end users not needing to install Python? I was under the notion that they do need Python to run games made using Python just like you need Python installed for programs written in it (e.g. Blender)

  • There does seem to be some confusion surrounding Python. Probably because of its past broken integration with Construct. Not that everything is fixed now, but it is much better.

    Basically, Python support with Construct is broken down into two areas: developers (i.e. those of us with Construct that are making games) and the users (game players).


    If you are a developer and you are not using any external libraries (like Pygame) then I don't think you need Python installed on your system since all of the Python dependencies are in the DATA directory.

    You DO need Python 2.6 installed on YOUR system if you are working with any external libraries (i.e. want to add networking support, joystick control, etc.

    End User:

    The end user does NOT need to install Python to run Python/Construct games. They DO need the Python26.Dll library which is the Python runtime. This is a ~2 MB shared library which the developer packages with the game. If an external networking library was used in the game then the developer packages those dependencies with the game (just like sound files). At no time should the user have to download or install anything extra.

    manontherun - Sorry if I came across harsh. I think I understand what you were trying to say. I just don't want users getting the wrong idea about the language.

  • Well, there was a recent issue with a guy who's game would not run (for him, in both Construct and .exe) because he selected "Enable Scripting" without having the libraries installed even though he wasn't actually using any Python scripting. It worked fine when other people tried it because they had Python. This seems to go against what you just said...

    Edit: Oh, this just clarifies more of what you said then. I read part of what you said incorrectly.

  • because he selected "Enable Scripting" without having the libraries installed even

    Thanks, this is a good point. If you don't have Python installed and select enable scripting then you will have to do manual work to setup your paths and make sure the Python26.dll is in your execution path when you are running the code within Construct. He could have just built the executable, making sure to select the proper dependencies, and it should have worked fine when paired with the DLL.

    However, my advice is if you want to work with Python, as a developer, then just install Python and save yourself the hassle.

  • As a completely separate request.

    I really think Construct 2 should have a proper runtime debugger. Ability to step into code and breakpoint. Essentially, the same as the current debugger but with a little more polish.

  • I know I shouldn't post without completely understanding the concept or if it's useable/100% free. But instead of just Python what about a Dynamic Language Machine like Parrot or the others, so people can make their own language? Or use one of the implementations of Python or their favorite languages.

    Supposedly, it allows language a to speak to language b as well. The LLVM is low level, so that one should to be obviously faster. Things like Mono VMs are what game developers are shifting towards nowadays for productivity. Most code is still in C++ tho, but they are increasing using those now for speed of development as a sacrifice.

  • I mentioned this earlier, but I'll say it again as it got buried by some other posts.

    What if all events were compiled into C++ instead of being interpreted. This would make events so many times faster...

  • Mr Wolf, there's no point compiling events to C++. The entire event engine and all plugins are already written in compiled C++, the interpreted part is simply some lightweight code to decide what to run. That's already fast enough. Where events are slow it's usually due to the list-based processing of the SOLs, and that would be pretty much identical in a "compiled-to-C++" event system. So I doubt it would even run any faster!

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