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  • all is answered in wiki

  • This is a very fine request. While I do not currently have the time to undertake your ideas to the letter, I will keep it in mind to explain things to this amount of detail in my future sources.

  • That would be something good to have... It's a lot of work to make these clear and understandable but I'm sure it would be worth the effort...

    I think video tutorials could help out a bit as well, or even just caps showing what was added step by step, using separate layouts to build up to the final product...

    Learning the overall logic of a program is more important than knowing the actual programming language...

    I'll try to whip up a simple one and see how you like this approach...

    I'm sooo tempted to try to use the text to speech object in this, but it's usually hard to hear on default windows systems.

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  • I should be honest that as a user from the original game creation programs (Klik n PLay, Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion) I STILL don't understand much of the crazy math used in some of these applications. I usually stick to platformers LOL.

    Construct is a rather simple program to use once you are comfortable with the interference, but then again I suspect most of us here came from a background of using these programs. I wonder if you can download Games Factory, that'd be a simple nothing fancy way to get used to game creation.

    Construct is like a high tech cell phone; it has millions of cool features most people won't ever use for one game, but they are there.

    I'm all for helping you out man, I learned Klik n PLay and Games Factory by myself and did things the hard way. Most of it is really just logic. Another thing too, not all people are suited to program and to do art, some are meant to do just one.

    I did make a simple platform example if you haven't seen it already:

    I'll be glad to help, just mail me.

  • Hmmm...actually, if anyone can come up with a more ideas for lessons we can all contribute to the Construct Course, just naming which one's we'll create, bundle them together and volia!

  • I like the idea of a series of "How-to" mini-articles that just explain how to get something done. Somebody could start a page on the wiki. Maybe a thread on the documentation project forum.

  • So guess .. you guys dont thinks its good what i try to do in here ..

  • So guess .. you guys dont thinks its good what i try to do in here ..

    That isn't true...

    You're doing a huge service to the Construct community by posting these tutorials. You might not be getting many responses simply because most of the people here seem to be pretty well-aquainted with Construct already, and they might not see a reason to comment on it.

    Please don't feel like your efforts aren't doing any good, or aren't appreciated, Instance. I would still be stuck with collision detection if it wasn't for your help.

  • Caspis speaks truth. Sometimes, the best deeds go unpraised. It's part of this thing called being a nice person.

  • I would put a comment about it (because it is very good), but it would be harder for people to read if they had to dodge between commentary of other users.

  • I think your tutorials for the absolute beginner are a great service TheInstance. I think you should add the final version of them to the wiki.

  • I can not add this to the wiki,

    for several reasons.

    For one, my english looks childish and foolish.

    For two, ik take a very personal aproach to some things. And i am aware that they can not be the official statement of the makers of construct. The way i aproach pick-conditions and flow-conditions could even be contraversial.

    For 3, There is, besides showing the great things and calling them great, also honest critic on the program, i think there is no place for that in the wiki.

    for 4, some critic is only true for the current release, every new release seems to tackle more and more on my critical points.

    For that last reason, any wiki will be made to soon, maybe.

    Although i desperatly miss guides on how to use the things in the present wiki.

    There is a good wiki about expressions, but it laks the essential info on how to acess the expressions.

    There is a wiki about conditions, but neither the pick-conditions are explained, and its lacking the essential guide on how to copy, select events, select conditions, actions, move them, delete them, and so on ...

    I still do not know how to use containers. If i make a container containing 2 objects, and move one, the other stays in place. And yet i feel that containers are essential.

    I dont understand yet the "include event" thingy. Although it should make a lot things easyer.

    Look at the *dumb* way i just copied event sheets to differend layouts in my pac-man example.


    for 5, i dont know for sure that i choose the best solutions in my explinations yet ! There for it can not be in the wiki.

    But i do think that structure, the flow, the order i bring new things in that post is right. I do think that it is correct to start with the system object and its flow conditions. move to basical movemet by behaviours, move to pick-conditions and so on .....

    So yes i do think some one can take it as base to write a practical wiki.

  • I see your point. But we could add a link from the wiki to your thread under external site/resources. This way someone reading the wiki is more likely to find it and your tutorials can maintain their unofficial style. It's easy for things to get lost on the forum so any help for new users in finding any and all documentation available I think is important. Like you said it could also be used as a starting point. Sure your English is not perfect but it is understandable which is what matters most and someone else can clean it up the wording and grammar. Well I just wanted to share my appreciation

  • your input is appreciated ty

  • General Note :

    There is a difference between by instance Photoshop and Constuct in the learning process.

    Come here an i teach you Photoshop in 2 days. Its purpose is to alter a pixel, and its "editors" to do so is rather limited. The results are are rather instantly, even if u trow some filters on a pile.

    Construct is different in this way.

    Everything you do,

    from choosing between a square sprite and a Box

    till positioning an object on a grid or slightly besides it

    using "s or 's

    everything has its place in the in the final result,

    but you can not see it with beginners eyes.

    Learning Photoop is like old school, if it dont work, you get a instant snap on the fingers.

    Learning Construct is like, if it dont work, you will be bitten in the butt much later, after you forget what exactly you have done.

    Everything depends on everything to work or not.

    I dont think i can be short in explaining something in Construct.

    Moment you start, you should be as complete as possible,


    define to where you go.

    And both will bring you in writing a serious book. Just like you just did.

    And on top, there is no standard approach to things. All the people in this group are still figuring out an approach, a very personal one too at the moment.

    A lot of things work, some dont. Whats the cause ? Is it my fault ? Is it a flaw in construct ? Did i choose the right way to do this ? Is there a work around ? How will i do this in the next version ? Is it possible to write my own plug in ? Construct is not finished yet.

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