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  • I am not saying you aproach this wrong.

    I am the one who should have said after every line i wrote in my tutorial "but i could be wrong"

    I am saying : i do not agree with you on certain things.

    Like sizing the sensor to zero is not a good general rule to give to beginners. It will not sense moving objects, and certainly not objects moved by a behavior.

    But yes its a good trick to be rememberd by more advanced users.

    I think there should be 3 things.

    1/ a beginners guide.

    This will be a long book, forcing people to start out where you want them to start out. Every step explained. It will not have a "content table"

    2/ a clean how to.

    This will be shorter. Clean and PRACTICAL. It will have a content table. And its searchable. Like how to add an event to the sheet. Add a sprite to an object. Its should work as a shoulder to lean peoples memory on.

    3/ a reference.

    Every menu, every condition, every button, every action, every expression etc ....

    Explained in 2/3 lines. Deep indexed.

    And the first thing that has to be done is "identify" the modal beginner. What do we think he/she knows when picking up construct. When i wrote that long ass guide, i had the most *dumb* user in mind, to do this i talked to myself.

    Identify the "average" user for the "how to".

    Also keep in mind that some starters come from using another program. Or even a program language. Everything this user knows is a handicap. Fresh users only have oppurtunitys. *Used* users first need to forget. So if you really want to place Construct in the market, you have to guide starters coming from another program in forgetting.

    And i go back to work.

  • ty for the help

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  • ^5

    Now lets encourage the poeple that are working on it. I saw in an other post, some one started a "reference". Wich pleases me very much.

    Can i encourage you to start something ?

    I just keep writing my ideas down and down. In the best english i can (lol me).

    Currently i am building the whole sensor story, i dont know if you noticed,

    and yes without explaining every step, wich dont feel well.

    I have no idea how long the pictures will be up though.

    After "the Zombie", the "Ghost", i just need a name for a Sensor build out of 4 sensors. Once i got that name i continue. I cant without naming things.

    Dude i had hell when i started with construct. No documentation. Not much help. And only wanted to make a Tetris for my girl that does not speed up in levels.

    Adventialy i made it in game maker 7, the free limited version.

    Then i came back to brag, i have to admid that. But also to notice that there was a new version in short time that (with some work arounds) allowed me to make it in construct. Now some versions further, i could (and should) remake it without ANY workarround.

    At the moment Construct bites my ass, and i cant let it go.

    Things move faster then you can write them down. But yes maybe now is the time to start documenting, this why i allready started, good or bad, its a start. Can only gain more users, more ideas, more flows, more Construct.

    And i do have the feeling things are having a good turn. When i asked about containers. Ashley used exact the words, the terms and the way i explained things. And that was a big sign to keep gooin.

  • TheInstacne! WHATTA HELL! AWSOME!

  • I would be willing to be a proof-reader or spellchecker for whoever makes the tutorials in the future. Serious.

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