Construct 0.99 released (UNSTABLE)

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  • I love you all. Seriously. You just simultaneously solved about all the issues I had with making a 3D engine in Construct.

    I'm going away for the week, but damnit, when I get back, its 3D game engine making time!

    EDIT: Honestly, all it needs is a rotation matrix and a way to import meshes. Two things I've already done (or mostly done, for the meshes) in Construct anyway. As I said in the beginning of the post, I love you all.

  • Awesome update ! Can't wait to grab the stable version of this

  • Hey guys! Create update!

    The Z elevation is so cool!I'll think of something to use it...

    Yet, I've run into a strange, simple... bug?

    On this new version, if I simply create a sprite and then rotate it on the editor, the sprite gets misplaced on certain angles.

    Is this happening because of some new feature?

    It was my first attempt at creating something on 0.99


    Another bug report (but I guess someone already mentioned it): I imported a .cap from 0.98 and the player controls weren't working. I went to the events and found a "Player %1 "Run" is down".

    The "%" symbol was messing with the event, but simply double-clicking it and pressing Finish got it corrected.

  • Great work guys!

    Maybe it was stated and I missed it, but does the Z-ordering make the objects "parallax" according to the scrolling. Like if they're closer they'll pan faster, and the opposite.

  • gammabeam: those are both known bugs, the former is fixed in the next build.

    konjak: try it. It should do that

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  • Is there any way to fix the weird tearing when placing mesh-edited objects next to one another?

  • How do you mean?

  • Weird, while trying to create an example I discovered 2 things:

    1: Loading meshes from the binary only works until I save the project (As in, from a temp file)

    2: I used the select tool to select the topmost pixels of a 96x96 square and when I released the mouse button, the whole image disappeared.

    Here's the tearing I was talking about (only happens with 3D layering turned on):

    <img src="">

    The blue one is 4 different, rotated objects

  • Can we animate mesh object points?

  • How does the 'get alpha of individual pixels' work? It isn't in the list of expressions for the image manipulator.

  • I assuming you guys fixed the Private Variable issues right?

    <img src="">

    How do you add objects to a folder? I don't see the option in the Object bar.

  • How do collisions work with Z-ordering? Do they only collide if on the same Z, or do they always collide while on the same layer?

  • Separate threads or bug tracker issues, please..

  • How do collisions work with Z-ordering? Do they only collide if on the same Z, or do they always collide while on the same layer?

    They still collide regardless of elevation, I just did a quick test in a fresh cap. But that is easy enough to fix; just add another condition that compares their Z elevations. There is a "compare Z elevation" sprite condition.

  • Okay, thanks.

    Now that being able to distort sprites on the Z exists, something like rotating on Z as an action would be nice...

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