Construct 0.99 released (UNSTABLE)

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  • Not sure if this is a bug or not, but the new build breaks something I was messing with.

    In the previous build when you set zoom it would scale based on the layers current width, and height, now it scales based on the original width, and height.

    The way it was, if I changed the layers angle, then changed its zoom x to 200 it would flatten the layer to a diamond shape.

    Like I said not sure if this is a bug, or if I was using a bug, but I defiantly want the old way back.

  • Yeah, the old way would be pretty necessary if you're zooming the layer in order to fit a certain aspect ratio or something.

  • Great update

    But...I've now 1st lesson at school (today I've 8 lessons - 45 minutes each)

    I'll test at 16:00...or later ;(

  • Awesome update. I stopped all projects waiting for this release, but I guess I should wait a little longer until it's stable.

    The mesh editor is a welcomed addition.

  • Thanks devs

  • Its been so long, Im at a loss for words. I cant wait to try it out downloading now.

  • Awesome changelog! As expected, the 3d box demo was messed up, but that is no biggie; we've got 3D sprites now! A few of my projects were messed up, but most are fine.

    For now, I've found one broken thing: Canvas. Draw line doesn't draw as expected.

  • The music folder doesn't accept the formats the MOD plugin takes though.

    They aren't music files, but rather tracker files. Any file in the music folder can be played by XAudio2.

  • Finally!! My collision related crashes fixed. Thank guys, really great work.

  • W00t-hoo! Dialuppy dialup is dialuppy, so I'll wait for a stable release, but sounds awesome!

  • Awesome update!

    Thought this bug was fixed, but oh well.

  • Platform School mostly works, after changing all the controls to Player 1. But there's some kind of strange collision bug that pops the player to the top of a wall sometimes. I'll try to reproduce it.

    Vert, on the other hand... wow. It's totally screwed. The rendering, the collision, the rotation, everything. Objects are disappearing and reappearing, it won't rotate right, textures inside of Tiled BG's lose thier textures, and everything is generally whacked.

    Here's what it's supposed to do:

    And here's what it's doing when built with 0.99:

    You can move around and stuff, you just can't see the player until you move a bit.

    I'll try to recreate all this stuff and post some bug reports.

    I think its a VRAM problem try to mess with it and see what happens

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  • Post your messed up caps on to the tracker folks (set them to Private if you dont want them public) and we'll have a look when we can.

  • This is great, i really like the 3d sprite stuff, thanks!

  • I've got a problem with my project I don't have with the 0.98 with the physic engine.

    I've done some tests and it appear that you can test yourself with a simple sprite, with the physic behavior.

    Here's the problem :

    Wih the 0.98 :

    In the event sheet, a simple event to create the sprite when the user press space key.

    If you setup the world gravity to -20 (for example), the first sprite created when we push the space key, starts flying to the top of the screen (normal with a negative value).

    With the 0.99 :

    With the same parameters, the first sprite don't fly, if you press space again, the second don't fly, but at the third sprite created, that's work...I have to wait for 3 sprites beforce gravity takes effect....

    Thx in advance.

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