Construct 0.99 released (UNSTABLE)

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  • It's been established in this thread physics is broken in this release; it'll be fixed in the next.

  • oups sorry I haven't seen


  • OK several things known to be broken in this build:

    • Anything involving rotated collisions in the runtime and other problems with rotation - turns out I don't know the x87 FPU like I thought I did
    • Physics is broken.
    • Importing some old .caps might give you errors when inserting objects.

    All are fixed ready for the next build, which should follow up shortly. These probably mean most .caps won't work in 0.99, but feel free to do further testing to see if you can find any other issues not listed here. 0.99.2 should be a lot more stable and should only be a few days!

  • These probably mean most .caps won't work in 0.99

    I hope you mean most caps made in 0.99... and not 0.98..

    or, do you simply mean most caps that were imported just don't don't work in this build.

  • I feel like I must test this unstable version as to contribute something to the software but I can't really let go doing my previous projects.. So will this installation mess up or overwrite the previous version installed?

  • So will this installation mess up or overwrite the previous version installed?

    No, just designate a different folder to install to.

  • I know some said it, but saving the cap produces an error

  • thanks devs

    this rocks

  • not sure if this was known, but the image manipulator copy paste to from sprite canvas stuff doesn't seem to be working

  • Wow, even with the bugs this update sounds pretty awesome, thanks Scirra

  • Is there a way to keep layouts from being unloaded? I have a town layout and a shop layout that I want to be able go between without pauses, but while I can load the shop's textures at the start of the town layout to get a pauseless transition from town to shop, it needs to reload not only the town when I exit the shop, but the shop again after it was automatically dumped from vram. Telling construct to load the town textures upon entering the shop doesn't help much either.

    As far as I can tell, there are two main settings - load textures at startup or per layout, and then there is more control using the load/unload layout textures action, but I can't use load all at startup because there's too much and per layout automatically dumps stuff from vram that I don't want dumped.

    I would prefer a setting that would load stuff at when a layout is loaded, but not dump it from vram. Also, a 'clear all vram except current layout' action would be handy so you don't have to list all the layouts you want to unload.

  • If you set a layout to load on app start, with the application setting being load per-layout, that one layout is loaded at startup and isn't freed until the application ends, so it never frees the VRAM. Does that help?

  • Not in this case. I don't want to load anything other than the currently needed layouts when the application loads and runs because the game is using a lot of vram - I can't keep lots of unused layouts in VRAM like that.

    If a person loads a game past that town, I can't know if they'll go back to the town or not. Then what about the next town? I'll need to basically have everything that needs instant transitions wasting vram, and there's a good chance that all of that combined with the current layout will be more vram than a lot of people have.

    I might be misunderstanding what you're saying though.

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  • Here's something I found that was odd, but I don't know if it would necessarily qualify as a "bug" exactly...

    Check out my burst.cap (located in this thread).

    In v0.98.9 the swarm of sprites looks like this, all nice and evenly distributed:

    <img src="">

    But if you run it in v0.99 it looks all lopsided like this:

    <img src="">

    It's like the sprites are favoring the right side of the swarm, as though they're choosing to turn in that direction more often. It's kinda weird, but like I said I don't know if this is what you would call a bug, or what might have been changed in 0.99 to make it do that.


    Whoa, I just noticed there's actually a big difference in the way the images are rendered too. The 98.9 version looks more, er... compact. If that makes any sense. The 0.99 version definitely looks like the alpha on the additive sprites is spreading out more. Strange.

  • For the render, I prefer your 0.99 sample, alpha and additive blende are better than the 0.98.

    But, yes in the 0.99 example, they are pushed on the right...I don't know why.

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