Construct 0.99.93 released (unstable)

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  • Download Construct 0.99.93 (unstable)

    This is an

    unstable build. You can help Construct's development by downloading it, trying it out, testing and reporting bugs. If you have projects you want to work on without possible bugs getting in the way, stick to stable builds.

    Link to previous build (0.99.92) changelog

    Thanks to R0J0Hound for some Python additions. Hopefully this can be a new stable build so the 0.99.92 memory leak fix propagates out.


    Layout Editor

    • [FIX] Crash when you remove an effect of an object that has been cloned

    Picture Editor

    • [FIX] Changing a colour via the arrow buttons no longer crashes


    • [ADD] Behaviors can now be accessed now from python. Actually the seem to have been already accessible, but had vague names like "Movement_2_6". Now they have names like "SpriteGridMovement". (R0J0Hound)
    • [ADD] Picked objects can now be accessed from python via a new class "SOL". For example: the x coordinate of the first picked sprite would be "SOL.Sprite.X". (R0J0Hound)
    • [ADD] The python dir() command will now list all the ACEs of construct objects that you can call from python. (R0J0Hound)
    • [ADD] Default expressions for objects can now be called from python. For example "Array(4)" and "HashTable('foo')" can now be called from python. (R0J0Hound)
    • [FIX] Fix for python path becoming escaped on some computers (R0J0Hound)


    • [FIX] Fix for the "break" and "StopLoop" actions when used with for loops. They broke in 0.99.92. (R0J0Hound)
  • thanks rojo

    oh yeah, and you too ash and dav


  • Cool. Many thanks, guys.

  • Thank you very much for the new build.You guys Rock!!!.

  • Hum... Text object font properties doesn't seem to work anymore...

    It's OK in the layout editor but when I launch my game, it's not

  • What do you mean? What exactly is wrong? I don't think the text object was changed this build, so it would be strange if something broke in it.

  • The problem was present in 0.99.92 too, when you set a different font it will look like it works on the editor, but it will reset to the default font when the game is running.

  • <img src="">

    I think this is the Font problem everyone's referring to.In the editor it looks fine and dandy,but in the actual window it reverts to the default font.

  • and we waited for the newest ver to be released to report this problem

  • and we waited for the newest ver to be released to report this problem

    Well, i discovered this bug like two week ago but i always ignored it, saying "ok, when i'll finish this i'll report" but i always forgot to do that.

  • These sound like some great fixes and additions. Thanks, guys.

  • Thanks guys! Feels like 1.0 is gonna be here in no time.

  • Ah, I see about the text now. Woops, well, good thing we have the unstable/stable system

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  • Thanks so much for all of those Python fixes ROjo!!!

  • May I annoy everybody again with two minor bugs that are present since .62, and no matter how many times I report it, they always go unnoticed?

    • Using CUT (Ctrl-X) doesn't delete the object and move it to the clipboard. It is working as a COPY (the object moves to the clipboard, but also stays on the layout).
    • If I rename the name of a player control (after clicking on "Manage Controls: ADD/EDIT"), the name doesn't change on that dialog - but if I click OK it will be changed.

    I'd love to see them wiped from 1.0!

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