Construct 0.99.91 released

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  • Download Construct 0.99.91

    Link to previous build (0.99.90) changelog

    Thanks to Davo for this build again Hopefully this one can go up as a stable to replace the aging 0.99.62.

    Update 27th July 2010: Marking stable. Old versions will shortly be prompting with updates.


    3d Object

    [FIX] - No longer limited to 10,000 polygons, should be able to handle an unlimited number

    [CHANGE] - Should be a lot faster, rewritten to use vertex buffers and transformation matrices

    [ADD] - Now uses assimp library to do its loading, so it can support obj, 3ds, ase, ply, dxf, ac, ms3d, etc. Loading is also a hell of a lot faster!

    [FIX] - Editor now matches runtime. Originally the yaw, pitch, roll etc didn't match up.

    Light and Shadow Caster

    [FIX] - No longer crash - this was a compilation mistake regarding code generation libraries

    Custom Movement

    [FIX] - Object wouldn't move at low speeds when stepping was enabled

    Layout Editor

    [ADD] - New option in layers for 'Clear depth buffer'. When ticked, it means the depth buffer is cleared when that layer is rendered, preventing any 3d elements 'below' it to 'pop through' the layer.

    Layer Bar

    [CHANGE] - Clicking the lock or the hide icon on the layer no longer selects that layer

    [CHANGE] - The clickable area of the lock/hide icons are bigger so they are easier to click

    [FIX] - Adding or deleting a layer now updates the property bar to the new selected layer


    [FIX] - Nested else events now work (was a bug with forgetting to scope a pointer somewhere)


  • 2nd POST!! Anyway I see a new one is here! Great!

  • [quote:vh7id7ji]Link to previous build (0.99.85) changelog

    shouldn't it be 0.99.9??

  • Ah woops, fixed

  • rockin

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  • Big thanks to the Construct guys - this prog is the best.

    I salute you, gents

  • Hmm now we're getting somewhere!

    You know, I was wondering if we should open a thread, where we'd post bugs that are in our opinion keeping Construct from being stable. Once all those bugs are eliminated, then that would be a good RC

  • Loving these new builds. Now please add a set Z action to the 3d object Davo, I think you forgot it.

  • It makes me very happy to see that things are added, fixed and improved often in Construct. Thanks for your time and devotion guys!

    PS: I sure hope integrated multi-player support is coming (just had to stick that in there)

    PPS: Yes, I'm using the PodSixNet stuff right now, but troubleshooting it is painful.

  • Wow, another release so soon? Thanks again Scirra team!

  • I'm waiting for they day we could drag objects out of the Object list.

    It also appears the sprite ribbon cannot go past 640x480 bounds...

  • Yeap, that RC is getting closer!

  • Crashed again. I am searching the problem

  • Man this is the best one yet.Thank you very much.Construct 4 life!!

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