Construct 0.99.5 released (unstable)

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  • Download Construct 0.99.5 (unstable)

    This is an

    unstable build. You can help Construct's development by downloading it, trying it out, testing and reporting bugs. If you have projects you want to work on without possible bugs getting in the way, stick to stable builds.

    Link to previous build (0.99.42) changelog

    Note 24/8/09: updated link to include security update in installer.

    This is a fairly small bug fixing release so hopefully there won't be any serious new problems. Unfortunately we haven't had much time for more lately. Here's the full changelog:


    [FIX] Platform: 360 controller left and right input tweaked

    [FIX] Physics: If a body needs to be recreated (eg. its size changes) it now maintains velocity and angular velocity

    [FIX] 8 direction movement: triggers collision events when hitting solids

    Event sheet editor

    [ADD] Double clicking an 'include' event block will open the included event sheet

    [FIX] Crash adding PV on external event sheet

    [FIX] Annoying glitch where event sheets with else events would sometimes get a blue bar thing appear in the top left of the screen when you scroll to the bottom

    [FIX] Editing an action/condition and changing the object type will no longer stuff up the display string when there's a private variable param


    [ADD] Layers now allow you to give effects names and 'disable when' properties like object effects do


    [FIX] 360 controller: Right stick up works, optimisations

    [FIX] Sprite: Saving/loading at runtime did not save mesh state

    [FIX] XAudio2: attach channel to object used 0-based channel, is now 1-based


    [FIX] Crash when a text object changed font and motion blur is enabled, or it had rendered into a canvas (the font was being freed before the gpu had drawn with it)

    [FIX] Destroying objects crashed in some cases with 3D layering enabled

    [CHANGE] Triggers used to include any parent event conditions and actions. Now they only include conditions. Best explained best by this pic

    [CHANGE] Multisamples and motion blur are not supported together, so an error appears when you try to turn them both on.

    System object

    [ADD] Ability to enable and disable a layer effect via an action

    [ADD] Ability to change layer effect parameters via an action

    [ADD] Ability to change what attributes an object instance has via an action

  • YAY!!!!!

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  • YAY 2

    crossing finger for sprite bug issue

  • "This application failed to run because configuration is incorrect"


  • Did you run all parts of the installer? The Visual C++ 2005 redistributable has changed (to SP1) recently so you can't skip that part even if you have an old build installed.

  • Did you run all parts of the installer? The Visual C++ 2005 redistributable has changed (to SP1) recently so you can't skip that part even if you have an old build installed.

    Updated my xp to latest v

    deleted construct 9.42/ deleted Visual C++ / restated PC

    Installed 9.5 with everything / prayed to fictional dark gods/ ran construct and viola!

    <img src="">

    old versions run fine [9.89/9.93]

    EDIT: reinstalin didn't help

  • Same problem. Construct is not running. Installed everything in the package.

    Win XP Sp3

    p.s.: Yay there will be a 0.99.51 to fix this thing

    p.p.s.: to fix that thing:


  • OK, apparently installing this fixes the startup problem: ... laylang=en

    This relates to a recent security update issued by Microsoft and the change in version numbers has caused this issue. I'll try and update the build soon. I think a Windows Update should be going around to fix this too, but an updated build should help.

  • YES! layer effect controls!

    AW! collision bug doesn't seem to be fixed.

    Good work guys. I'm desperately hoping for that collision bug to be fixed.

  • it FINALLY works!!!

  • It ran, but I still get Sprite on screen crash like in 9.4

    Congrats on new build anyway!

  • Awesome, cheers guys.

    The "[FIX] Destroying objects crashed in some cases with 3D layering enabled" is great, just found this issue yesterday and was wondering what was causing the crashes.

  • I'll post this again here:

    Oh, by the way, Ashley, Davo and Rich, are you using ASSERT macro when developing? I don't know much about developing software of this scale, but I guess it'd help with bugs, especially if you left ASSERT on in unstable or non-final builds so the whole community would test the software with assert.

  • Yes, we use some asserts, but could probably make better use of them. Testing-specific builds is something I'll consider for Construct 2, but I don't think it's practical with the current codebase.

  • The download link has now been updated to a build which includes the security update and should fix the startup issue.

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