Construct 0.99.4 released (unstable)

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  • Download 0.99.4 now! (unstable build - for testing only)

    Link to 0.99.3 changelog

    Sorry for the long wait, we've all been pretty busy lately. Remember this is an unstable build for testing purposes only - so no complaining on the forum that your .cap doesn't work in it - just submit the bugs and wait for the stable release

    And without further ado, the changelog!



    • [ADD] Platform movement now has 'jump gravity', 'fall gravity' and 'jump sustain gravity' to give better control over the jumping process
    • [ADD] New 'Custom Movement' behavior - a very flexible behavior
    • [FIX] Physics: bug hinging to a moving object
    • [FIX] Various bugs in platform movement
    • [FIX] Bone Movement: bug where deleting a frame replaced frame 1


    • [ADD] Clone layout back to project bar
    • [ADD] Custom collision masks via 'Launch explorer' menu in animator bar - see this
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      by Davo!
    • [FIX] Resizing error on some dialogs
    • [FIX] Couldn't edit layout names via the property bar
    • [FIX] Crash previewing a layout from a standalone event sheet
    • [FIX] Crash in event sheet editor when application contained no objects
    • [FIX] Could not save applications with a music resource
    • [FIX] Family icons won't have transparency replaced by black, they behave like sprite icons etc
    • [FIX] Family multiplication when removing and adding a family
    • [CHANGE] Controls system now supports binding controls to XBox 360 controller buttons

    Picture Editor

    • [FIX] Rotating by 45 degrees no longer adds an unerasable white.
    • [FIX] Picture editor doesn't unexpectly close when you hit enter in the colour mixer bar
    • [FIX] Picture editor action point tool and hotspot tool register the image as being modified if you use the arrow keys

    Event Sheet Wizard

    • [ADD] Intellisense for global variables. If you type global(' you get a list like you do normally with (' situations
    • [FIX] Yellow highlighted items (such as Set Value) weren't remembered when you clicked the back button correctly, causing you to have to reselect it manually
    • [FIX] Intellisense sometimes stopped working in parameters when you typed in the middle of an expression

    Layout Editor

    • [FIX] Sprites displayed offset in layout editor in some circumstances
    • [FIX] Holding shift while dragging handles maintains proportions properly
    • [FIX] Pasting objects into the layout editor when zoomed in/out now pastes in the correct spot
    • [CHANGE] Lines are now drawn with antialising for rotated selection boxes


    • [ADD] Xbox 360 controller plugin
    • [ADD] Panel Plugin - Lets you make textured boxes where a margin specifies an area which wont stretch. See this
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      by Davo for a demonstration! This object is very handy for making UIs.
    • [ADD] Destroy action to AVI
    • [ADD] Keyboard: Ability to simulate a control via an action
    • [FIX] Text: 'get write speed' returned wrong value
    • [CHANGE] Controls are between 0 - 1 to allow for analogue controls

    Sprite object

    • [FIX] Sprite: Very small inaccuracy in 'move at angle' action.
    • [FIX] Sprite: Distortion bug fixed (Quazi Tentacle looks beautiful again)
    • [ADD] Sprite: You can now set the initial animation and the initial frame number, allowing you to use a single object for multiple 'scenery' objects if you desire. See this
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      by Davo for a demonstration!


    • [FIX] Zooming and rotating displayed incorrectly if the X and Y zoom ratios differed
    • [FIX] Zoom Rate (layer) now works properly so if you set it to 2 it will zoom in twice as fast
  • yayyayaayayayz w00t!!!!1!!!111!


  • Wow! That panel object is awesome! Nice work!

  • Hurray!

    Really like the new Panel object. Very useful!

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  • i have a problem, it likely has to do with the fact that i'm trying to install it in sandboxie but older versions of construct had no problems being installed in a sandbox

    any help getting it to work would be much appreciated!

  • Why not install it normally?

  • Does the 360 controller plugin work in older, more stable versions of Construct?

  • Rich

    i like the ease of removing old version of construct completely before installing new builds

  • I don't think it will, the XBox 360 controller required various IDE and runtime changes, so it won't be backwards compatible.

    Edit: Vinny: you need to run the full setup including the VS2005 redist that the setup should launch, is sandboxie preventing that from launching or preventing its successful installation? If sandboxie breaks the setup I'd contact the sandboxie devs, because I don't think there's anything unusual about our setup and it hasn't changed significantly since the last build

  • The installer removes any old registry settings. What more do you want to remove? There's a .ini file in your application settings if you want to go the whole way, I guess.

  • So those new build rumors were true!

    Checking it out now...

  • still no new stable release? sadzorzz

  • sandboxie doesn't break anything in the setup that i know of, everything appears to install correctly but i know that sometimes all that's required is to move a couple of direct x dlls to the main application folder for an application to start working but it didn't seem to work this time

    it's not THAT big of a deal but i enjoy the easy removal of programs using sandboxie so i thought i'd try to find a work around/solution before resorting to a regular installation. i'll try asking on the sandboxie forums and if nothing comes of it then i'll do a regular installation withot sandboxie. s'all good!

  • still no new stable release? sadzorzz

    The stability of this version will only depend on whether people are getting major bugs, if we get the all-clear after a whole lot of people have tested it, it's stable.

    Anyway... Holy hell, that's awesome! The panel object is also totally awesome, too.

  • Hmm... there seems to be something up with LOS behavior in this build, but I don't see any changes to LOS in the changelog. It might have to do with Sprite changes.

    What's happening is if the Y position of a Sprite is exactly equal to the Y position of the object with LOS behavior, then the Sprite is completely invisible as long as it's on the left-hand side. I'll try to mock up a demo showing this.


    Here it is:

    Run this in 0.99.3 to see what it's supposed to do, then run it in 0.99.4 to see the difference. A hotfix on this would be super-swell (that is, if it's easy to do and stuff...)

    Edit 2:

    Platform School seems to be running okay, aside from a bit of a gravity issue when swimming. But I assume that has to do with the new gravity settings, and it seems I can fix that pretty easily. So barring any unforeseen difficulties it looks like work will continue on Platform School here shortly

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