Construct 0.95 released (old)

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  • Download 0.95 now!

    (get 0.98.6 instead, foo')

    Construct 0.95 includes several substantial additions, including dynamic shadow casting, skewing sprites, a particle effects plugin, dynamic collision masks for Canvases, installers, and more, including the usual bug fixes. Examples of these should be appearing in the uploads forum shortly!

    Please remember you can support Construct's development by donating, via the Donate button on the main page.


    The Animator bar has been changed to prevent runtime errors being allowed to happen, as well as to make it more intuitive through drag/drop, and a new UI.

    • [ADD] Drag/drop support
    • [FIX] Can no longer remove last animation
    • [FIX] Can no longer remove last angle
    • [CHANGE] Changes to way animations are added to prevent runtime errors
    • [CHANGE] Cosmetic changes to make animations simpler


    The new behavior 'Shadow Caster' is attached to objects which will have a shadow, allowing realtime and multi-light shadows. Other fixes for some other behaviors.

    • [ADD] New Shadow Caster behavior for use with Light object
    • [ADD] Condition to Bullet which triggers when object exceeds range
    • [ADD] Target methods for Turret behavior: 'Follow first in range' or 'Always target nearest'. First-in-range requires less processing, but always-nearest is useful for many situations
    • [ADD] Rotate behavior (spin objects with acceleration)
    • [FIX] 'Get speed' expression of platform movement


    Offset allows objects to be drawn at an offset, which can create a nice scrolling effect without moving the layout.

    • [ADD] New 'Offset' shader to display objects at an offset

    Event sheet editor

    • [ADD] Several options to context menu (delete event, etc)
    • [ADD] 'For Each Ordered' allowing iteration of objects in a specific order via an expression, eg. ascending Y coordinate
    • [CHANGE] Pressing enter when inline editing now closes the window


    The addition of the Export Wizard - when you export - means python modules can be individually picked, and that installers can be created for your games and applications.

    There have also been many changes to the save/load system to hopefully prevent corruption, and many UI changes to the event wizard and picture editor.

    • [ADD] Export Wizard to allow picking of python modules used
    • [ADD] Installer creation to Export; handles license, picking install path and bundled files
    • [ADD] Option to export as screensaver
    • [ADD] Warning to export if preview is already running
    • [ADD] Context menu to MDI tabs
    • [ADD] Button to make Picture Editor background go black
    • [FIX] '&' removed from object names preventing Mouse & Keyboard breaking Python and having syntax errors in expression editor
    • [FIX] ACE filter now non case-sensitive
    • [FIX] Object icons now not mixed in insert object dialog when making applications
    • [FIX] Memory leak in Event Wizard
    • [CHANGE] .cap save/load stability - should help avoid corruption or at least improve reproducability
    • [FIX] Crash using some tools on icons in Picture Editor
    • [FIX] Out of VRAM in Picture Editor now gives errors instead of a crash


    Many new plugins are available, faciliating existing and new operations - such as shadows. HTTP allows direct and very easy interaction with all sorts of web forms, and Particles (3 demos in uploads) can work with thousands of particles a second with no slow down.

    • [ADD] Light object for casting dynamic 2D shadows from objects with Shadow Caster behavior
    • [ADD] Particles object, for spraying large numbers of particles efficiently
    • [ADD] HTTP object to faciliate POST and GET requests very easily
    • [ADD] Sprite: Skew horizontally/vertically added and actions/expressions to modify at runtime
    • [ADD] New Bar Chart control for easy charting
    • [ADD] New CRC32 plugin for verifying the integrity of files and strings and to check if they're the same
    • [ADD] New Text Manipulator plugin for string and file I/O operations relating to text
    • [ADD] Destructible terrain - 'Update collision mask' in canvas object - paste sprites with Erase effect to cut holes
    • [ADD] Set visible to Edit
    • [ADD] 'Download to string' to Download object to easily retrieve web pages and update files for example
    • [ADD] Load file as an expression to File object
    • [ADD] Mouse & Keyboard: Set/Get mouse X/Y in screen coordinates
    • [ADD] Tool window property to Layout, and layout names displayed correctly in popups
    • [FIX] Memory leak in Image
    • [FIX] Problems in INI
    • [FIX] Styles in List object now work together
    • [FIX] Double-clicking canvas, text objects now edits them
    • [FIX] 'Is on layer' now 1-based, can accept layer name as string
    • [FIX] Texturing on 3D boxes should now be correct


    Various crashes and optimisations in the runtime, with the reported SOL and triggering bugs (with DirectSound) fixed.

    • [FIX] Memory leak in runtime
    • [FIX] Change to CRunObject size in python runtime
    • [FIX] Crash with >10,000 objects on screen (no limit is in place so you can freely create many more)
    • [FIX] 'For Each' was not picking associated movements/containers, causing crashes
    • [FIX] Object picking was not always working properly in event groups
    • [FIX] Testing collisions with families did not pick the right objects
    • [OPT] Further vertex buffer optimisations to display engine (should now render large numbers of sprites faster)
    • [FIX] 'Start of Layout' and other triggers double-triggering in some cases
    • [FIX] Bugs in quicksave/quickload
    • [CHANGE] Debugger window moves out of the way by default
  • Hell yeah! Gonna test it now.

    Thanks Ashley


    Ok new bugs found

    -Paste clone makes your clone not at cursor.

    -The "Paste Clone" clone don't have angle thingy.

    -Also whenever the "Paste Clone" clone is changed in graphics it affects its "parent".

  • I expected the python bugs and other runtime memory bugs to be fixed. And wow, this version exceeded my expectations. I really like the new features. Bravo!

  • FIRST!! I mean... THIRDssz@!!

    No srsly... I got third D:

    I can't wait to get home and download this!

  • Absolutely amazing!! I can't wait to play around with the new version

    Edit: I played around with the particle behaviour for a bit, and it's alot of fun

  • Nice!

    Just when I finally have time to mess with things again.

    Changelog sounds fun...

  • How do I use the particle sprayer thing, it's not working for me.

  • Yay, new stuffs!

    How do I use the particle sprayer thing, it's not working for me.

    See if Ashley's demo helps you.

  • This is sweet. I have yet to test its stability etc.

    I would test construct further if there were TEH ONLINE PLUGZOR. I mean, im not hinting or anything..

  • Nice and good work!

    Just a few impressions after checking out the new BarChart-Plugin:

    • more Charts like 3D-Charts, Circle-Charts, ... (just like the charts in OpenOffice )
    • more Properties to set for the charts like color of the chart text
  • After my first hour with 0.95 I have to say that it appears to be much more stable than the previous build. Very good work again, thx so much!

  • WOW !!!

    Great update !!

  • Great work! The new update is awesome!

  • : )

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  • Excellent update! The dynamic shadows are great. Although I did notice a problem. Screen scrolling messes up the lights. Instead of scrolling with the rest of the screen, the lights will move in the opposite direction you're moving. The shadows stay the same, it's just the lights that are screwed up.

    Otherwise, it's definitely an awesome update.

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