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  • LMFAO Mipey xD

    Are you putting your hand up for that position?


  • Just kidding, nice to see you guys taking the initiative! I am too tangled in my own projects to offer any kind of assistance other than lame jokes.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks mate!

    This is something I have been planning at, and thinking about non-stop for months and months.

    I was VERY CLOSE to landing an actual INVESTOR, but unfortunately I didn't have my plans laid out clearly enough, or a team at that stage so it fell through... so now I am doing this off my own back, and others seem to be willing to do the same!

    I think this project will work out in the end since there is a common goal, and that is to make the nerdiest zombie game ever. We have the best of the best nerds here, so I can't see how it could possibly fail.



  • I will be setting up a shared DropBox folder for the project, so if you don't already have DropBox then I highly recommend downloading and setting it up. You can find it via the link in my sig, or going to the website directly.

    This will make sharing assets easy, and allow people to work on things as they see fit, and in their own time.

    So far it seems we are all at crazy time differences to each other, so a mutual meeting time will be nearly impossible. For the time being we can communicate via Skype, PM, or here in the thread. I have contacted Tom in regards to getting a special section opened up for us to work in private, but not sure if it can be done easily with this forum software.

    Sved and I are keen to start some art assets, so Quazi please let us know once you have your engine example ready so we can get a feel for the art style.


  • QuaziGNRLnose




    Hey guys, just some important notes:

    • Need you guys to PM me your email address that you used to sign up for DropBox with, so I can invite you all to the shared project folder.
    • Need to discuss the best option for a private forum/board (there are free ones even, that we can use temporarily) so we can have somewhere to post progress, ideas, brainstorming, concepts, tests, prototypes, etc.

    Also just a note that, I am going to be super busy for a lot of this week. I am finishing up a huge website contract for a company I have been building an online shop for over the last 8 weeks. I am at the data entry part (approx 14,000 entries) so I will be busy doing that crap for a fair bit. I may or may not be very responsive (skype, and chat etc) during that time... so if you need something you can Skype, PM, or post here for now and I will get it eventually.

    Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and dedication so far!

    Hopefully soon, we can start throwing down some artwork and fleshing out some ideas. Just be patient while Quazi gets the preliminary engine details sorted out... he is making life EASY for the rest of us, so appreciate the man! Once that's done we should have a clearer picture of the direction we want to go... it will give us the opportunity to discuss and experiment a little.

    Thanks again guys, and keep in touch!


  • Oops...Right one is below..

  • Quazi gets the preliminary engine details sorted out... he is making life EASY for the rest of us, so appreciate the man!

    I thought the term was "worship" =P

  • > Quazi gets the preliminary engine details sorted out... he is making life EASY for the rest of us, so appreciate the man!

    I thought the term was "worship" =P

    Shhhhh >.>

    Don't let him know... he might start smiting us with stuff.

    Also, invites sent to JayJay and sved for DropBox. Still waiting on Quazi and DigitalDeuce.


  • Yes, i have access. I think we may want to have google docs in parallel for data sheets and documents, they can be edited in real time by everyone and can be good if we all use a different color. I'm thinking lists of crafts for example.

    Else, I got a word with Quazi about the engine and graphics, the idea would be to use the piggy as universal scale (one character = 2 piggies) and try to insert our arts in a screenshots for perspective check.

    Stylewise, Quazi told me my avatar style would work, and Sol mentioned bitejacker as reference (which happen to be a zombie game as well:, so i believe we start to get the idea.

    I did one that was too detailed, you'll see it in the dropbox.

  • Sounds good to me sved. :)

    Any new pots regarding this project should be directed to the new forum. I will lock this thread after any replies related to the last few posts have been made (if any at all).

    If you need to know the forum, check the DropBox folder... there is a text file with the details in it.


  • so the game's gonna be called Bored Zombie Lovers?

    Wtf genre will that be?

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  • A completely new genre of game... no words can describe.


  • Like a cross between The Walking Dead and Desperate Housewives in game form. Survival whore.


    You know me so well. :D


  • Procedural you say...I'm interested. I also like survival games. I can assist with events as well as plugin work. PM incoming.

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