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  • I am working on a small project with potential.

    Anyone interested in perhaps working together let me know.

    I have already begun working on a procedural city generator with unlimited generation capabilities (think like a Minecraft map, only 2D and not made of blocks).

    If you love zombies and zombie games, and have nothing else to do... PM me.


  • One person now on board.

    Looking now at a total rewrite of the world generator, since there were some oversights in the original design.

    No other takers?

    I thought there were more zombie fanatics than that on Scirra! ;)


  • o other takers?

    I thought there were more zombie fanatics than that on Scirra! ;)

    I'm sure there are heaps of zombie nerds around, including myself.

    The provided info is a bit vague though to be honest. Apart from the fact that it's a zombie game with procedurally generated cities - which in itself sounds promising - there is nothing to learn about your project from this thread.

    Maybe provide a glimpse of the engine, a screenshot, concept art... anything would probably spark more interest.

    Also you didn't say what kind of skills you'd want in a teammember. You're primarily looking for Construct-experienced users, or even actual coders, as opposed to the artist type providing game assets? I assume any trade would came in handy...

    So, yeah. I guess what I'm saying is that a little more info would be nice. I'm sure many users would appreciate if you could elaborate further about your project.

  • Details regarding the project are conveyed mainly upon contact via PM :)

    The project is a fairly serious one, but not too ambitious... very flexible, at that. There are intentions of a profit-share for anyone involved that can contribute in a meaningful manner. Details to be discussed.

    I guess I don't really want a complete detailing available for all eyes. Chat room or PM basically allows me some form of knowing who knows, and the random whole world "stealing my idea". :P

    I can message you more info if you are interested, or jump in chat :D

    The thread was mainly meant to find any bored zombie lovers out there that might want to get in on something... the more of us, the better it will be, the more insane we can make it, and the more money we could all make.

    If you don't think that my idea is complete rubbish, then I guess you come at it with a "nothing to lose" attitude... I mainly want a good, FUN game for zombie survival enthusiasts. All of them out there suck, and bad. The best one by far is probably Dead Frontier... and it's a Unity driven shooter with heavy survival element. It's boring though after even a few weeks of playing... not my idea of an "MMO zombie game" if it's all about the grind.

    I want something a little more, gritty.


  • Dude i'm all for it. I've been wanting to do a colab for some time now.

  • Dude i'm all for it. I've been wanting to do a colab for some time now.

    Hi there, I do not believe we have met before.

    So, can I ask relating to skills you might bring to the project? Are you an artist or do you prefer coding?


  • I prefer art. I know a little bit of python but not enough to be useful. But if you consider using events coding <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> , I can do both.

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  • I guess when I refer to coding, I mean events. :)

    Have you got any examples of your work by chance?

    I'm heading to bed now (4:30AM here), but I will check back when I wake up ;)


  • yea here is a top down shooter zombie game:

  • i would love to be in on this (but i can't guarantee ill ALWAYS be available to do stuff because of school) but yea! this was basically the idea me and davio had for WHINE, but never got around to doing much on it

  • yea here is a top down shooter zombie game:

    Ah yes, I remember this!

    That was pretty neat. I never got time to play it properly, but I shall give it a go again now (after I eat my lunch!).

    Quazi, you bad boy. You're in, and you know it xD

    Speaking of WHINE, I just played with that demo again literally a few hours ago... I was showing someone the kind of things that Construct can do, and that demo was the best thing I had ^^

    I will probably have to limit participation from "applicants" if the topic gets any more attention... I think 3-5 people in a crew like this should be more than enough. :)

    Quazi, we need to talkie :D


  • Thanks for looking at it!

  • just




  • Good thing i started a top down shooter :)

  • hey, i'm kinda interested. at least just being curious, but i'm not able to pm you. =(

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