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  • I'd suggest using the 3d object, or even a mesh rather than the 3dbox.

    Much more variety that way.

    Anyway, many, many possibilities.


  • it'd be nice to use my iso engine since it supports lighting (with direction) and shadows, but ofc i'd need to clean it up and make a few tools for building stuff out of primitives. (or alternatively i could make a 3d object variant of the iso engine, but no dynamic lighting, lighting would need to be baked, although more complicated buildings and stuff could be made, might even be able to do dynamic lighting with texture setter.)

  • I love zombie games. They are very popular on these forums.

  • newt

    I had considered this already, and have not ruled it out at all... I was just trying to keep things "easy". If the team wants to go this way then I will adapt!


    Wow, ok D: I won't say no? Sounds way more advanced than I had in mind... but who's going to argue? I guess I'd like to see it so I know what kind of art assets are required, and hopefully understand the engine a bit. :D


    I will send "the ramble" to you via PM.


  • So when do we get started (i'm obviously excited lol)

  • we need a universal time to meet or something

    as for iso, the engine itself would be designed as easy to add on to as possible, it would basically be topdown, and then the engine 'displays' iso graphics based on the top down (the assets would be 3d obj/sprites depends what). It wouldnt be crazy complex, but for the advantages and look i think we should consider it (and it wont be too hard to explain and use since ill make a real conscious effort for USABILITY while making it, and some fine documentation to go with it aswell)

    really the reason i think it would be good is

    -you can get a better feeling of the world since it has physical comprehensible depth.

    -with the '3D' iso, buildings and big terrain objects can easily "phase" into one another, and assets will look a lot less repeated if theyre viewed from different angles etc., which is super easy in 3d

    -game world will be way more readable, buildings dont exactly look very different when viewed from above.

    -unique aesthetic

    -if instead of 3d objects we opt for 'primitive based' iso, buildings can be lit dynamically, allowing for day night cycle/lighting to look really awesome.

    -with multiple programmers the extra work wont be ridiculous. anyway, the base display struct of the engine will probably not need much work after its initially built. iso wont change much with the: randomization (if anything there can be way more, and you can be lazy since ordering and intersection becomes much less important): anything at all with inventory or ai.

    -it'd be cool to make huge open grass lands or dessert with vehicles to travese them that bump all over 3d rocks on the terrain and are physics-y and awesome.

    as for art what style are we going for?? i can always help out with graphics too, whenever need be. gritty pixelly could look good, and would severely cut back on the time required for individual assets, opening up lots of time to make TONS of gibs and graphics for other stuff, instead of wasting all our time focusing on getting animations to work we can work on gameplay (especially if we want lots of variour injury states for zombies). not to mention pixelly leaves more to the imagination so you can get a rich mental picture/atmosphere of the world (think impressionist painting vs classical)

    Those were some of my ideas and a little bit as to why. i have like a bajillion more to tell so, here are a few i already wrote down in ramble.

    The graphics could sort of look like this but more serious, higher res, but same type of ambiance

    thats an old version of the engine with no support for object phasing tho.

    now heres a newer version (looks uglier atm cause it has no terrain stuff) that has object phasing, you can drag and drop the pieces in both demos to see what i mean. (right click) the lighting can be changed on the fly, all the objects can be defined etc.

    as of now, the second one can be a bit laggy, but thats because all events that should be ran only once on generation/rotation change/lighting change are running every tick, for every object, in a completely non optimized (but highly optimizable) way.

    if we were to go with these objects (cubes, pyramids, going to add ramps and triangular prisms and stuff) then id probably make a simple tool for building "objects" and texturing them, which then our engine would load for the random values etc. theres A lot that can be done, and even simple as they are untextured the buildings looks pretty great. also the engine supports movement over the objects flawlessly, so you can, if you wanted to, climb to the top etc. anything meant to interact physically with the terrain would simply have to be added to a family, and its 'type' defined through a variable.

    anyway, yea. tell me you guys' thoughts. im sorry for the general crappiness of my writing in this post in advance.

  • I can say i have never done anything iso. but for the good of the team i will learn.

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  • I have a job and a recent family life that are quite time consuming, but if you are not in a hurry for deliverables, I am definitely interested in collabs.

    I can provide acceptable pixel art, interface design, simple 3d modelling, GDD writing, storytelling (my grammar should be checked by a native though) or testing... just don't ask me anything that is programming related ^^

    edit: I just tried the piggy demo, it's awesome!

    (I'm in GMT+8 by the way)

  • Hi guys

    The response to this is now overwhelming! I will try to address each of you;


    Holy sh*t man. Just... ok, ffffffff.

    I can already suggest that if you want to take the IDE, then I will not be arguing the point. That looks freaking awesome.

    The art atyle I was hoping to go for a sort of retro look... not TOO pixelated, but nowhere near hi-def. I think about the size you have in the second demo for the character is a good size I think. The buildings would need to be scaled to match of course, and that should still allow for some amazing detail while still keeping the assets in a low budget term.

    I really need to talk to you about this stuff. I just missed you in chat apparently... Hopefully I will catch you sometime soon. I have SKYPE now if that helps, you can add me: jeffrey.garrison79


    We have already started! We are just sorting out the team first. It is important the we can all get on Skype or my Ventrilo server... and we can get the plan laid down. I need to talk to Quazi first, though.


    So far the thing I need to fill the gap for the most is artists and sound engineers... Have you got any examples of your work that I can see? I'd love to check it out since your brief description of your capabilities sounds rather nice!

    I hope this answers any major questions for the time being.

    Any more interest for now will have to be unfortunately declined until we finalise our team and figure out what jobs still need to be covered. I would LOVE for everyone to be included in the primary team, but there simply won't be room for everyone. I am considering though, a dedicated team of suggestion makers, testers, and goto-guys for new ideas. Should this all go according to plan, you can count on some form of reward/compensation for participating!

    Thank you guys for taking this seriously as well. I know that collaborations often fail before they even start, but I am personally at a point in my life where I really just need something like this to happen... so I will make it happen either way... win, lose or draw.


  • Well i have Skype so if you are willing to accept me to the team just let me know.

  • Er... I actually don't have much pixel art so to speak, but I'm interested into it and did few other things before... let me see what I can find

    Some pixels

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    + my current avatar

    Some units for a strategy humor/fantasy browser game (few years ago)

    <img src="" border="0" /><img src="" border="0" /><img src="" border="0" /><img src="" border="0" /><img src="" border="0" /><img src="" border="0" /><img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Some character concept

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Some 3D (I'm more into products, normally):

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    That is mostly all that are kind of related and that I have no shame showing yet ^^

  • sved

    Any chance of getting on Skype?

    I would love to speak with you more directly!


  • I'm at work, so I cannot "speak" so to say, but chat is fine. My ID is svedash . See you there!

  • Sorry I had to go out for awhile. I am home now, just having a hair cut then I will be on :D


  • Do you need someone who doesn't do anything and never comes to meetings, then takes all the credits?

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