[PLUGIN] GWEN - GUI system aimed at games

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  • This looks pretty much like GWEN using its default built-in skin, which looks quite awful. You may want to extract both files, example.cap and the skin.png in the same directory and run the cap from there.

  • I got another one, though. When disabling resizing of a window widget, the caption bar looks like this:

    <img src="http://www.schade-blog.de/schade-studios/gwenwindowbug.png" border="0" />

    Also, creating a color picker results in this:

    <img src="http://www.schade-blog.de/schade-studios/gwencolorpickerbug.png" border="0" />

    Resizing the color picker widget doesn`t seem to improve it`s scaling.

    Any remedies for this?


    the Colonel

  • Looks like I ran into some trouble with this. It's the default example cap untampered with other than changing the font from Times to Verdana, although it didn't appear right to begin with.

    Am I overlooking something? The widgets appear either clipped in a wrong way or straight out missing and many text elements have very unfitting colors.

    That is GWEN when it can't find a skin to use. I figured using the default skin would be better than not showing anything or crashing. The default skin is ugly. Make sure your skin property is pointing at a valid skin, and remember that Construct points to various places when using relative paths. (AppData, and the directory your cap is in)

    Colonel: Disabling the resizing of something screws up something along the borders. This is actually a known problem in GWEN itself, rather than the plugin. I noticed it during my testing, but I'm still waiting on Garry to figure out the problem. (He might have already fixed it, I haven't recompiled GWEN in a bit.) Apparently he knows what is causing it though, so a fix should be imminent. Like I said, GWEN is a library intended for use in the Source Engine (Garry's Mod), and my plugin is a wrapper around it that makes it easier to use, while showing it how to render within Construct.

    EDIT: Colonel I checked his SVN and it seems that there was a fix for this. I will fold it into the next update. Apologies.

  • I am a New C2 Dev, I am impressed with the work you have put in to develop this plugin. I dont know all the capabilities but to show my support I have purchased the plugin. Looking forward to future upgrades, Skins.

    Great Work!

  • Cool! Just be aware that GWEN is a Construct Classic plugin, not a Construct 2 plugin. If you need a refund just let me know.

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  • I'd really love to see clicking conditions for the inventory items. I've PM'ed you a cap with an explanation on what I'm willing to do with somewhat exhaustive detail.

    Basically I can't make much use of the inventory panel and objects as it is since I can't figure out a way of interacting with them. I've written a simple-ish system to fill the inventory according to file entires, each item is given unique id (since gwen obviously doesn't want multiple widgets with the same name) and their type and other values are stored as data. But that's it. I can't seem to be able to continue on this any further if I can't check on clicks on the items.

    Another thing that I'd really love to have is 'stacking' conditions on inventory items, essentially a condition for trying to place an object on top of another one. You could make objects stack, or adding in data value of the bottom one and destroying the dragged entry. In my case I'd use it for reloading weapons from ammo stacks or combining ammo stacks together.

    So mouse clicks (left, right, middle, double, whatever can be implemented :)) and checking whether there's an object under the one you're trying to drag.

    I found something that's probably a bug in the inventory panel too, I have an object with grid dimensions 4x1 and it can only be moved around from two leftmost grid tiles. The two on the right just click through, apparently. It's in the cap (Dragunov).

    Also, I was wondering how the Item can fit -condition is used? When does it trigger? Does it trigger every time if I drag an item with the name defined in the condition and it fits?

    So uh it occurred to me that I'm just doing things wrong, and there is a way of doing all this. I hope that's the case, since gwen is brilliant as it is and I wouldn't want to bother by whining about needing new features that's already there and I can't wrap my head around to use them.

    I didn't want to give the cap to the public, I'm a whore when it comes to wip stuff.

    Edit: Update 8th September; For no apparent reason GWEN has decided not to work anymore. I get no rendering on runtime, edittime works fine. This began when I started implementing GWEN to a new project but couldn't get any display. To my surprise I didn't get anything out of the bundled example or my previous implementations either, which led me to suspect that the runtime side of the plugin is somehow broken. I tried reinstalling CC r1.2 and r2 and adding GWEN to them but the problem still persists.

    What's puzzling is that this problem just appeared overnight and I can't think of anything that could cause it. It's not a missing skin or anything for sure because caps that were previously fine don't work now.

    Are there any external dependencies I should be looking at? What could possibly cause this?

    Edit 2: Update 13th September; Intriguing, it was a killswitch after all.

  • Well Are you Making a GWEN C2 plugin, I was so impressed with the features that I overlooked it was a Classic plugin. I would like to get it if you do. Keep the Payment in support of your work but I would like to get a copy or Gwen if you make it for C2, Thanks for pointing out it was for classic, I just did a search and did not realize it.

  • Zotged, if the problem occurred on September 4th, then you might be using an older version when I was considering time limiting the demo. I've since chosen not to do that, and the time limiting factors have been removed. However, when I was considering it, the date was September 4th. I apologize for the inconvenience, and can send you the latest copy if you need it.

    I'm still working on an update for the plugin, getting a new job actually programming, so things have been a bit hectic lately. I'll keep you guys posted.

    EDIT: I've looked through the source code, and this oversight is entirely my fault, I'm so sorry. I will be sending an updated version to the email that everybody purchased from either later tonight or early tomorrow.

  • I have emailed a new version to all of you that have already purchased, and updated the PalDrop link for anybody purchasing in the future. I apologize once again for the inconvenience.

  • Hey arsonide...happy to see you continuing to make great plugins for CC!

    Hope you get a good programming job.

  • Seeing as you aren't using the Windows API for this, will GWEN objects work in fullscreen mode without being glitchy like the regular ones?

  • Fullscreen should have no effect on the functionality of GWEN. In fact it was originally designed for a fullscreen environment.

  • code.google.com/p/gwen

    *cough cough*

  • lol selling someone elses work claiming its your own


    what a w**ker

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