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  • Fills the opaque areas of a sprite with a solid color, and features an adjustable automatic flashing effect (can also be set to not flash to simply fill a sprite with color).

    This is different than a sprite's default color filter, because it completely wipes all color data from the sprite, and replaces it with a value from 0 to 255 for the red, green, and blue channels.

    A Megaman sprite sheet with the effect applied. No events. I do not condone the use of copyrighted sprites, this is for demonstration purposes only. Draw your own graphics, please.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1010927/Forumpics/SolidFill.gif">

    It can be used to create those classic "white flash" impact or powerup effects featured in many arcade and 16-bit games. The fill can be any color, so red flashes are also possible.


    This section covers manual flashes. Ignore the following instructions if you will be using the automatic flashing feature.


    To create a flash effect with this shader,

    -give a sprite a 'flash' variable

    • Always -----> deactivate SolidFill
    • When 'flash'%(frames between flash,specify integer, must be 2 or more.)<(number of frames to keep sprite filled) ----->activate SolidFill
    • When 'flash' greater than 0 -----> subtract 1 from 'flash'

    Whenever you want the sprite to flash, set 'flash' to a number greater than 0. The number you choose will determine the amount of time in frames that the sprite will flash. setting flash to 60 will make the sprite flash for 60 frames.



    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1010927/Forumpi ... oFlash.zip

  • Cool just what I was looking for. I was making a flash effect by swapping sprite animation frames to white which works for sprites with no animation but realised that any sprite with animation would make it tricky.

  • Uh, now this will come in handy!

    Thx Davioware!

  • Effect updated:

    -Added automatic flashing feature, now just slap it onto a sprite and have it flash like the picture above without making any events. If you want an impact type flash you still need events, but this makes it easier for powerups and stuff that constantly flash. You can also specify the number of frames that that flash lasts. Setting it to 2 will keep the sprite filled for 2 frames etc.

    Renamed it RetroFlash.

  • Really cool effect. One question : is there a way to turn it off in the editor as all my sprites are white now ^^'

  • Nice!

    Is there a possibility to control the flash in time duration rather than frames?

    If it's only with frames, the flashing effect might look different depending on the computer speed no?

  • multiply the flash speed by timedelta to control by time instead of frames

  • This is an awesome extension. It would be even twice as awesome if you could set a blend coeficient for the color. as in:

    Flash the sprite with color ffffff at 50 percent<< this would blend each of the sprites actual colors with 50 percent white, creating a ghosted effect.

    This could even lead to asewome effects like fades to and from diferent rgb values or diferent amounts of blending with the one color... for instance:

    The player shoots an enemy, the enemy flashes completely white, then smoothly fades back to its normal colors...as though "cooling back down" from the hit.

    The possibilities are endless and make me giddy!

    Any chance?

  • I've wanted an effect that does what you describe for ages.

    Think you can make it happen, Davioware?

  • It happened.

  • you ROCK Davioware! You've made my week!

  • nice effect

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  • Hi Davioware

    Is it possible to make the retro flash (or its upgraded version) available again? This would be perfect for my project!

    Thank you!

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