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  • Hey Constructors.

    If you are looking to play a physics shooter in zero gravity then please test my WIP.

    I would like your feed-back on the play of it all.



    P.S. The graphics are placeholders, so no need to bash them. ;)

  • Hello.

    Played some.

    *There has to be some problem with sounds. Shot sounds arrive late (maybe the audio have a silent period in the first few miliseconds?)

    -Movement sound is also problematic, it doesn't loop and is disturbing.

    (Probably all sounds are placeholders as well?)

    *The range on line of sight grows and shrinks arbitrarily.

    *Opponents don't have a los range. They start shooting from out the black. Unjust competition!

    *We need a clear indicator that we got hit, and the same when we hit an opponent.

    *Opponent turret behaviour aims to where we are going towards. To dodge we have to change direction. OK but our acceleration is too slow for that, and the range is too close.

  • Windwalker

    Thank you for your feedback.

    So... nothing good to say.

    I will take your advice and tweak some things.

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  • Well, there are actually good things to say. First and foremost, this is at least a really complex game. It's physics based, pushin boxes around, rotating some of the walls (which should be different from normal walls, btw, except if they are secret doors), timed lasers, two types of weapons that have limited ammo... All of these represent a good foundation in terms of gameplay variety. BUT, it needs a lot of tweaks first, if you want your playtesters to stick with it.

    The worst part is that enemies shoot before you can see them. This might be good for "some" enemies, but not the first enemy you encounter. I "feel" like enemies should die quicker, at least the first ones, and different types of enemies may require more shots or even the bomb to get rid of efficiently.

    I also recommend a higher resolultion line of sight mask sprite, or at least, you could make the edges end in a gradient. Lower the brush tool's (or the eraser's) hardness value to make the edges end in a gradient.

    Currently the los grows and shrinks over time. But maybe you can make it so that it grows when you stand still, or maybe it shrinks when you are hit (and slowly grows back).

    Give it a few new versions and I will keep playtesting.

  • Windwalker Thank you so much for your in-depth critique. You are so right with all of your points. I will tweak away. Thanks again for testing Zayne's Labyrinth.


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