XYLITH launching on Scirra-Arcade!

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  • I am launching XYLITH on Scirra Arcade tonight!

    A new threat looms over the colony-world of Eldriss. Seven buried monoliths have recently 'switched on'. Each of them harbor a deadly life-force. Laesh - the planets ambassador has recently gone missing. Some reports say she has sided with the mysterious Hive Mother. Hershal Lee, the founder of the Nimbus Corporation, has personally asked you to investigate the source of the monoliths.

    Xylith draws on some Classic RPG Elements such as; Gradual Level Progression, Questing, Advanced Weapon Systems, Armor Customizations, Pets, Crafting, and Weapon upgrades. It also incorporates Exploration survival elements such as Scarce Resources, Procedural Flora, Fauna, Terrain, and Towns. 7 diverse biomes offer plenty of wild edible food as well as poisonous food and parasites. Can you survive for long in a Challenging - 7000 Level - Procedural Wilderness?

    Check out the cross platform Leaderboard over at gillisgames.com

    Scirra has been an amazing community where I was able to grow as a game developer. I am so thankful for Construct 3.


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