Whirly Toad Google Play [Beta] Any feedback is welcome!

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  • Hello everyone! Whirly Toad is a simple arcade game in which you have a difficult (I'm not kidding) task - to help the toad collect coins. The toad is constantly spinning, and you need to change the direction of rotation by clicking on the screen so that the toad can eat coins.

    Open Beta - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.protasevich.whirlytoad

    While the basic mechanics of the game have been implemented, leaderboards and achievements from Google Play have been connected. In the future, the earned coins will be exchanged for skins.

    The mechanics of the game were invented in 2014, when Flappy Bird was on the hype. I wanted to come up with character controls that were easy to use, but required skill.

    My friend and I started making a game together. I was a designer and my friend was a JS specialist. The character was an incomprehensible bitten bagel, on which enemy points flew. But we didn't have the patience, and we never finished the project, except for the first prototype.

    Some screenshots of the first prototype:

    A month ago I learned about Construct 3 and decided it was time to finish the project. The main character was replaced with a toad, enemies with coins. Let's see how far I go this time :)

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  • Two brackets are missing in the title, but I cannot edit the post as a new user :( Right title is

    "Whirly Toad [Google Play] [Beta] Any feedback is welcome!"

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