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  • Hello everyone!

    I decided to start a devlog for my game (probably more to keep me making this game and not getting 'sidetracked' with other ideas, because I only have until June something to get this done)

    I will post what I have been doing every couple of times I've worked on this. If I have any questions, I will post them in the 'How Do I' section but also post a link to the topic here.

    To get things started, here is the link to the story line just so you all know what I am making:

    Feel free to comment thoughts, ideas, possible additions or changes.


  • I ran into a problem with my dictionary calling. Here is the connected post.

  • Hello again!

    No problems (this time)

    Here are some of the things I've been working on:

    Animations for players (players made by watabou from the game Pixel Dungeon)

    Different enemies

    (Fighting enemy bat)

    Shadows and Fog Of War

    Health Bars

    That's all for now!

  • Hello again!

    Here are some of the mechanics I am working on:


    Assassin (enemy) is invisible until you are close to it

    Archer (also an enemy) can shoot at a distance or attack close range

    UI bar - shows what staff you currently have in possession

    Player regenerates health over time if they are still


    Enemy xp amounts so they give the player a more accurate amount of xp for defeating the enemy

  • One more thing, I would love to have someone who could make assets for me so I can focus on the coding. I need someone who can make story drawings, someone who could make actual game assets, and maybe someone who could make sound effects / game music.

    - However, this game will be free, so I won't be paying you.

    If you are willing, let me know here.

    Just so you all know, I only have 27 days left before my license expires, which is the reason I just don't have the time to make these.


  • New changes:

    Added a boss and a special ability for it. Added a bit of story to go with it.

    It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's hard to go into detail without spoiling the plot line :)

    I might post a teaser video once I have the first 5 levels or so done.

  • New changes:

    Added a spider (shoots web that slows down the players)

    Added a guard captain (summons guards and archers to the area)

    Still working on the bosses, they aren't working properly yet.

    21 days left to finish. My to-do list:

    The offer on helping with graphics and/or sounds still stands, I would appreciate any help offered.

  • Nice work, keep it coming.

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  • Thanks Ezalbot!

    Have an issue with making top-down pushable blocks. Here is the link to the post:


    Lever with connected door / pressure plates to force the player to use both men to open doors.

  • Added DEMO for anyone to play test, let me know what you think.

    The first level is more puzzle. It can be completed by fighting your way through tons of enemies, or you can figure out the puzzle for an longer but less punishing way through.

    The second level is a boss, though I won't say which.

  • Added a menu system / achievements. I will post pictures in my next update along with the next game version.

  • Menu pictures I promised:

    Began working on animations / graphics.

    I am using a lot of the graphics from Pixel Dungeon because I can't find anything better, and it would take too long to make them myself.

    Make sure to check that game out because it is an amazing rouge-like.

  • 6 days left.


    shadows to make them behave better


    transition comics to make the story more fluid

    more levels (intro floors, such as the entire palace, and floor 15)

    money (for an achievement)

    elevator transition for moving up floors without transition comics

    Should I make another demo? Would people comment on it to give feedback? Should I make a video of the game being played?

    Any feedback greatly appreciated.

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