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  • This game consists of 300 levels in which 200 levels are from category called "The_Descend" and 100 levels are from category called "Doodle_Maker". Overall it is great fun

    In "The_Descend" , you have to control a ball using onscreen controls so that it always stays on the path. And help it to reach the flag (end). As level increases, difficulty increases

    In "Doodle_Maker" , you have to complete a given doodle and in between the process you have to save yourself from spacecrafts(enemy).

    Game link

    Best of luck !!!

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  • OK, I highly recommend upgrading the graphics set. From A to Z really.

    Comic Sans and Times New Roman are also one of those 'no no' fonts. I suppose the concept could be fun. But in my case, a game also needs to look visually impressive in order for me to want to play it.

    If you want to get sales, or get a lot of them, the game needs to look the part.

  • Thanks. Actually I have used multiple fonts but maybe in the video it was not visible

    Regarding the graphics,I thought a lot and actually there is no space left for it. Eg:- in doodle maker there are spacecraft,dots,black lines to join the dots. For spacecrafts I have used many different sprites available. And in the descend,boxes, circles, blade,black ball are only there. So I did the best I could have to make the game attractive.( And I have also used 100 music tracks to make the game more attractive)

    Rather I should had made the game free(with ads) so that after playing the game the user can more understand the game(but still I have kept the cost very low)

    Thanks again

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