Super Ubie Island 2 devlog (Xbox Series X!)

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  • You should make a website and then, upload all the devlogs there.

  • Super Ubie Island 1 Cloudy Forest

    Super Ubie Island 2 Cloudy Forest

    Here's a comparison of Cloudy Forest from Ubie 1 compared to Cloudy Forest (WIP) from Ubie 2. I'm trying to give the world more life and have cleaner, crisper art throughout. I will be touching this environment up a lot but just wanted to share how 2 is looking against the original.

  • Working on the camera system. I noticed in Ubie 1 that the camera was basically always centered on Ubie the entire game. I want to change that for Ubie 2.

    Camera will zoom out when player's need to make a long jump

    Camera will zoom out when player's are in high areas

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  • This is a pretty big update since it really opens up the type of levels I can design. My goals is to have a lot more interaction throughout the game. I've implemented a new combo system, ubie's spin dash attack, ground pound, and more.

    Spin Attack has multiple uses. It can be used to attack enemies and rack up combos!

    It could also be used to hit item boxes and break through particular barriers

    Ground pound can be used to break through certain barriers and help the player reach higher platforms

  • The forum change really bummed me out on wanting to update this blog. How do i restore the images to how they were without completely going through it and updating the images one by one?

  • Don't worry, they will be restored. Just will take a little time but am on it.

  • The opening sequence (Thus far) for Super Ubie Island 2

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  • One of the tracks for Ubie Island 2. We're going with a latina jazz funk theme.

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  • about 90 percent done with this boss fight. Just need to redo the beam animation, background art and update Dr. Terrestrials sprite.

  • Any plans on a mobile port to android? Even if its not the same game but even just a runner with these excellent graphics would be a treat.

  • Dr Terrestrial has been redesigned for the sequel. More menacing.

    Also, there are Ubaliens that Ubie has to save! Dr Terrestrial has captured 6 of them and it's up to Ubie to rescue them all

    PixelPower I plan on bringing Ubie Island series to mobile. I do have a game called Up Up Ubie that's built specifically for mobile. I just need to relaunch everything on google play and the app store.

  • The game is shaping up quite nicely. One bit of criticism is the (lack of) level of animation added to the bosses, adversaries, and other elements. A lot of animation is implied through overall transformation and effects, but it leaves a lot to be desired compared to the quality of your cartoon game art.

    Take Dr Terrestrial, for example: it's basically a static head. When hit, it lights up, but that's it. The eyes don't move, the body doesn't respond to the action. If you'd separate all the parts, and animate them separately it would add much more polish to the final result, and make the game characters feel much less static looking.

    Or take those blob enemies: merely transforming in the y-axis looks too simplistic. Their eyes and brows could be animated, and the body controlled as a mesh.

    Have you considered the use of Spriter? It's a shame Construct doesn't feature its own animation timeline tools, otherwise it would be a doddle to add.

    Anyway, I feel adding more animation to your world and characters would make it look much more polished.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Delenne Thanks for checking out the thread!

    I'm generally trying to get all of the elements in the game before doing a polish pass. I have this knack of sometimes creating and working on concepts on the fly and before i really dig into the animations, I want the game to be in beta so at that point its a matter of doing a bunch of art to bring the game to the next level.

    Being an artist sometimes though, I struggle with not creating art cause I like to have something nice to look at in the mean time. But i also have to keep in mind that I'm working on the game solo and plan to get the game out within the next 24 months so I'm evaluating how much work I want to put into each element before it becomes a 3-5 year project.

    I have been looking into getting Adobe Animate to add polish in the future. Thanks a lot for your feedback, it's very much appreciated!

  • Donkey Kong barrel inspiration!

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